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Let our handy help help you load and unload during your move. Make an appointment today. The only thing you need to fix is the van. A handy help is a student or retired handyman. They do not have certificates or a KVK number. They are suitable for use for easy chores.

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Extra hands with moving

Book via Zoofy easily a handy helper for moving. The time has come. You've sold your house and bought another one. The key exchange is approaching; moving is now getting closer and closer. Time to start packing all your belongings. For many people a source of stress and a lot of work. What a lot of stuff you seem to have collected over the years. And especially if your attic or garage has become a large collection of all kinds of stuff, this job can seem confusing. Now where is the best place to start packing! Moving assistance comes in handy. Just remember the saying, "many hands, make light work. Did you know that there are students, who at an attractive hourly rate of only €39, help to do this job? This moving help can easily be arranged. You do this through Zoofy Packing and lugging help is included in this service!

The nice thing about hiring lugging help is, the job doesn't just consist of packing boxes. The same packed boxes are also carried down the stairs by the lugging help. Especially if you have quite a few boxes and other heavy items, it is nice to have many hands. In addition, moving heavy furniture is a lot easier to do with lugging help.
What exactly is understood by moving help and packing help by students, we will explain further in this article.

What is moving assistance and packing help

The big advantage of the moving help offered by Zoofy is that there is no call-out charge. The students arrive by bicycle. Good to know: this job help does not include a moving van. It does include quick hands to help with packing. And strong arms to help lug or move heavy furniture. The mover will have no problems with your heavy corner sofa or bed. And that saves considerable hassle. No more towels that have to be slid under the sideboard and then slip away. Lifting aid makes moving a lot faster and easier.
You can also enlist the help of a moving helper for lugging items from the moving van to the new home.

A moving helper also helps organize your belongings neatly. For example: packing all the kitchen items together orderly in boxes. Systematically clearing out kitchen drawers and cupboards. Of course, you are in charge and nothing is picked out or disposed of without your permission.
Once all the stuff is sorted together, the student will pack it for you. It is best to buy moving boxes for this. These are sturdy and specially made for moving things in. You can buy these at the hardware store.

Tip: To make moving organizational, it can be helpful to work from top to bottom. This means starting with the top room in the house. For most people, this will be the attic. It is also helpful if you have a bin of things you want to get rid of. Are you in doubt about stuff? Then create a doubt bin. You can sort these out at a later time. One advantage of moving is that you also go through all the saved stuff right away. This way you start extra fresh and tidy in your new home.

Extend moving assistance with extra jobs

In addition to a hauling and packing help, there are many other jobs for which you can inexpensively hire extra hands. Mowing the lawn is often a chore that people put off. Especially when moving house, this will not be high on your priority list. No problem, with us you can have your lawn mowed beautifully smooth. You can also come to us for garden pruning work. Weed removal is a job that not many people get excited about. It takes quite some time and grows back quickly. But what a satisfaction when you have a tidy, weed-free garden. You're probably happy to hire a suitable handyman for that.

Is it necessary to clear out the garage before you can move? Understandably, many people look up to this chore. A handyman who cleans up your garage can do so much for you. Especially in a space where all kinds of things are quickly put down, the chaos can become incalculable as time passes. A handyman will make sure you no longer have to worry about this. You can also hire a handyman to help you clear out an attic or other room.

Costs for moving help

A moving helper charges an hourly rate of €39.00. This includes VAT. For the student this is a great way to help someone else. And also to earn some money themselves. In addition, students can be hired for small jobs in and around the house. Ideal if you have some odd jobs lying around that you didn't get around to. Think of the big Billy cabinet in the garage that needs to be assembled in the new house. No problem, via the handyman, this cabinet will be put together for you in no time. And at the same competitive rate!

The inexpensive costs for a moving help make the moving process faster and more effective. Thus, you will look back more positively on a major change in your life; namely, your move from your old to your new home.

Moving help wanted

In addition to moving help, there is a wide variety of jobs that can be purchased from us. Discover our versatile offer on Zoofy The page where all jobs are listed together and works without complicated quotes. Hiring the desired job is fast and always with professionals working in the region. Because even putting together your Ikea bed is a service you can find here.

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