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IKEA assembly service? 12,000+ reliable handymen throughout the Netherlands can be booked easily & quickly via Zoofy. So opt for convenience and order professional handyman quickly and easily via Zoofy to assemble your IKEA furniture.

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IKEA assembly service by Zoofy

IKEA assembly service? Assembling an IKEA piece of furniture seems so easy, but can be so complex. Rest assured, with the IKEA assembly service from Zoofy you have come to the right place to have all your IKEA furniture professionally assembled. Whether you want to assemble a cupboard, bed, table or other IKEA furniture, a professional approach is indispensable when assembling different pieces of furniture. Booking a handyman via Zoofy ensures a stress-free and successful assembly of your IKEA furniture.

12,000+ DIY helpers available throughout the Netherlands to assemble your IKEA furniture

The handymen in the Netherlands with whom Zoofy works are carefully selected, reliable and professional handymen. All handymen have extensive experience with jobs, such as hanging the lamp. Don't worry about equipment or materials for the lamp hanging job, the handymen have the right elements so they can professionally assemble and hang your lamp on existing wiring.

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Zoofy IKEA montage service Nederland

IKEA assembly service within reach with reliable handymen to assemble your IKEA furniture

Zoofy offers an easy and reliable way to book professional handyman for the IKEA assembly service. Via Zoofy you can quickly book selected handymen in your area, who have been carefully selected based on their craftsmanship and reliability. No more hassle with comparing quotes and hours of calling, via the Zoofy website and app you can immediately order a handyman to assemble your IKEA furniture.

The advantage of Zoofy is that when you order handyman help for the IKEA assembly service, you will be notified of the rates immediately in advance, so that you always know where you stand and will not be faced with any surprises. By booking a handyman for the IKEA assembly service via Zoofy, you not only save time and effort, but you are also assured of a fast, reliable and high-quality solution for your job.

Choose a suitable time and book without call-out fees. This way you will quickly have professional and skilled handyman for your IKEA assembly service at your home to solve the job.

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Cost of IKEA assembly service via Zoofy

If you want to have your IKEA furniture assembled, you can now choose the Klushulp assembly service from Zoofy. This installation service can easily be booked online on a date that suits you and is also competitively priced. IKEA assembly service costs start from a rate of 45 euros per hour. If you choose a Saturday or Sunday, this rate is slightly higher. And you really can't wait? Then you can choose the emergency rate of €59 per hour. We will then match you with a handyman to assemble your IKEA furniture the same day.

Costs of IKEA assembly service via Zoofy

The duration of assembly depends on the piece of furniture you buy from IKEA. You can imagine that assembling an IKEA bed is faster than the well-known IKEA pax cabinet with sliding glass doors, for example. Beautiful cupboard, but it does take some time. With a DIY helper from Zoofy you can choose convenience and save time when you use our IKEA assembly service. For a rate of €45 per hour, you can have that IKEA cupboard, sofa or bed assembled in no time for next to nothing.

Choose a mill and have your pax cupboard, IKEA cupboard, bed or sofa assembled by Zoofy's handymen. Choose the IKEA assembly service job in the category overview. Is your IKEA assembly job not listed? Or do you want to have an IKEA piece of furniture dismantled? Then choose the IKEA assembly service on this page.

Zoofy: the fastest and easiest way to have your IKEA furniture assembled with the IKEA assembly service

If you need handyman help to assemble your IKEA furniture, you want to arrange this quickly and easily. Fortunately, Zoofy offers a solution with the IKEA assembly service: it is the fastest and easiest way to book reliable handyman for the IKEA assembly service. Via Zoofy you can easily and quickly book handyman for today, tomorrow or at a later time.

With the handy booking system you can select the desired date and time and you will immediately see the rates for the IKEA assembly service. What is good to know is that on average 71% of handyman jobs are completed by a handyman within 20 minutes (on the date of your choice), which means that you almost never have to wait long for a handyman for the IKEA assembly service.

Zoofy works exclusively with reliable handymen who have been selected based on their craftsmanship and reliability, so that you are always assured of a professional and expert solution for your IKEA assembly job.

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IKEA montage service van Zoofy

Zoofy's IKEA assembly service: more than just building furniture!

At Zoofy you have come to the right place if you are looking for an IKEA assembly service that works efficiently. Below are some of the assets of our passionate handymen:

1. Work in a targeted manner with each IKEA construction kit

IKEA is one of the world's largest brands in the field of furniture and furnishings. However, as a buyer you can only enjoy this to the fullest if your new bed, cupboard or other piece of furniture is actually constructed correctly. A Zoofy handyman has all the necessary efficiency and insight to assemble your IKEA piece of furniture quickly and without problems. He or His does this several times a day or week and is a real expert at it. You can expect the handyman to work purposefully and smoothly, so that you can enjoy a beautiful IKEA piece of furniture in no time!

2. Technical insight for a good result

We all know that assembling a bed or cupboard requires a lot of technical insight and skills. If you feel that you do not have this yourself, you can always leave the work to a Zoofy handyman! This is technically substantiated, can easily follow IKEA's step-by-step plan and therefore guarantees a good result. You are also always sure that all parts of the kit are actually used correctly, so that the result brings you all the promised comfort and the right look!

3. Affordable costs IKEA assembly service

Another important advantage of an IKEA assembly service? The affordable rate of course! Assembling an IKEA piece of furniture takes a lot of time and energy, especially if it concerns a bed or large cupboard. However, you can save yourself a lot of energy and time if you have the work done by a handyman for a competitive price. For just 29 euros per hour, your furniture will be put together in no time.

4. Flexible and motivated students are ready to help you

Finally, at Zoofy you can be assured of experienced and reliable workers who will carry out the installation job with motivation, and who will complete it down to the smallest detail. By hiring a handyman, you can count on a flexible workforce, so you can have your IKEA bed or cupboard assembled during the weekend or after working hours. Because the work is carried out with a friendly smile and a healthy dose of motivation, you also enjoy the result more!

In short, an IKEA assembly service from Zoofy is the solution if you want to have your new IKEA bed, cupboard or any other piece of furniture quickly assembled. Discover the many options with Zoofy's IKEA assembly service and enjoy a beautiful and sustainable result!

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Even more reasons to trust Zoofy's IKEA assembly service!

Are you already convinced of the added value of an IKEA assembly, carried out conveniently and efficiently by a Zoofy handyman? It gets even better! At Zoofy you enjoy some interesting additional benefits, so you can have your next IKEA piece of furniture assembled without any worries.

- Zoofy Guarantee Package

Protect your job and choose certainty with Zoofy's warranty package. Your IKEA assembly job is protected for just €4.95. If something unexpectedly goes wrong, Zoofy will arrange repairs free of charge. You can read more about the warranty package at

- Reliable handymen

You can be sure of a good reputation and good service. After all, Zoofy has already helped more than 1,000,000 people do all kinds of work in and around the house. And that image will undoubtedly give you more confidence in your handyman!

- An excellent rating by customers

Our handymen also receive excellent appreciation from previous customers. The average score is 9.2 out of ten. In other words, every time you are assured of a job well done that produces exactly the results you expect!

- No unpleasant, additional financial surprises

Finally, with Zoofy you do not pay any bicycle costs for your job assistance. A standard professional often charges quite a bit of extra money as call-out costs, on top of the standard rate per hour or project. However, Zoofy does not bother you with this, and makes the IKEA assembly service a lot more interesting for you financially.

In short, Zoofy's IKEA assembly service is exactly what you need to assemble your new cupboard, bed or dressing. Leave your IKEA assembly to a passionate handyman and before you know it, your bedroom, living room or kitchen will be beautifully furnished!

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