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Bicycle repair service at home

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Is your bicycle broken? Book directly a handy help at home via Zoofy. No call-out costs and help with a flat tire or broken chain. A handy help is a student or retired handyman. They do not have certificates or a KVK number. They are suitable for use for easy chores.

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Who can repair your bike at home

If you talk about something typically Dutch, then clogs, cheese and windmills are of course mentioned.
But the Netherlands is also a cycling country par excellence. There are some 23 million bicycles in the Netherlands, which is more than the number of inhabitants. We cycle no less than 15 billion kilometres per year, which comes down to 888 kilometres per inhabitant per year.

With so many bicycles and so many kilometres, it is not so surprising that you have to deal with a bicycle repair. Unfortunately, most bicycle repairs are almost always unexpected and come at a time that is not convenient for you at all. Be honest, is fixing tyres your favourite pastime? Do you feel like getting your hands dirty because your chain has come off the bike again? Have you been driving around with malfunctioning brakes for a long time? Fortunately, you can always get help quickly and easily through Zoofy to fix your tyres. You can continue what you were doing while your bicycle repair at home takes place. There are no call-out charges, so the costs of tyre repair are not high.

Our handymen are very handy students with at least two right hands. Friendly, skilled, experienced and approachable. They are a kind of handyman son-in-law, the only downside being that he has to charge you for the costs of sealing the tyres. You'd easily take him into your family, if only because of all the bicycle repairs. How easy is that?

What are the most common bicycle repairs?

Have you ever thought about what can happen to your bike? Not to scare you but to refresh your memory, we list the most common bike repairs.

Fixing the tyres

One of the inconveniences you can experience as a cyclist is getting a flat tyre, a common bicycle repair. A puncture usually happens far from home, in the rain or when you have an appointment for which you cannot be late. It is important to get that puncture repaired immediately. Preferably don't drive on it to prevent further damage. Zoofy's handyman service is easy to arrange online. Within no time, a handy student will be at your doorstep to carry out the home bicycle repair, in this case the sealing of the tyres. The costs for sealing the tyres are relatively low, while the convenience of a home bicycle repair is great. Of course, we are also happy to come and repair your bicycle at your office address. A small effort.
Flat tyres, and therefore a bicycle repair, can largely be avoided. Therefore, pay attention to the following points:

Always buy a good quality (puncture-proof) tyre.
Make sure there is enough profile. You are more likely to puncture a bald tyre
Do not cycle off a kerb and avoid kerbstones
Watch out for holes in the road, you could even fall.
Check your tyre pressure regularly. Under or over inflation causes wear and tear.
Watch out for litter on the road; an empty soda can can can cause a puncture.

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