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Wifi installation

Wifi installation. Book a pro via Zoofy that can help you with the installation of your modem for the wifi connection. No call-out costs. A handy help is a student or retired handyman. They do not have certificates or a KVK number. They are suitable for use for easy chores.

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Setting up a wifi network by a handyman from Zoofy

Nowadays it's almost impossible to live without internet. With a good and stable internet connection you can surf the web, work from home, stream music and series or download films. You can do this from your laptop or tablet, but increasingly the smartphone is being used for this purpose. In order not to run out of your internet bundle too quickly, it is wise to use wifi. You can set up your wifi for watching series and films from your phone. But what if you have wifi, but no internet? When you don't have a good working internet connection, this can have many causes. It could be a fault on the internet provider's side, incorrect network settings causing you to have to reset your wifi settings, a firewall blocking the connection or, for example, the wrong configuration of the IP address. It is sometimes difficult to discover the cause or to solve the problems yourself. Don't know how to reconnect the internet, set up the wifi or set up a modem? Don't worry, our handymen will get you online in no time.

Different internet problems

You can have different internet problems. One of the most common problems is that you can no longer connect to the internet. This can have many different causes. The most simple way to solve this is by resetting your modem and resetting the modem. Is your internet still not working properly? Then the cause may be the wrong settings or that the cables are not connected properly. If you take a look at your router or modem, you will always see many lights flashing green or red and there are various connections available. For a successful internet connection, it is important that these are all set up correctly. If something is wrong, your Wi-Fi may be slow, keep dropping out or you may not have a connection at all. Don't know exactly what all the lights stand for or are you confused by all the cables? Then call in a handyman and he will look into what the causes might be.

Connecting the Internet

Do you want to connect the Internet? Then you need a number of things: a computer, of course, but also a router, a modem, an internet subscription and the right software to set up the internet and Wi-Fi. Connecting the Internet, setting up a modem and Wi-Fi can sometimes be quite complicated. Are you unable to make a good working internet connection or have you connected everything, but you still don't have a connection? Then call in the help of our handymen. Our expert and experienced handymen will connect your internet in no time. They check the internet connection and make sure all cables are connected in the right way. They also connect your modem and laptop, tablet or computer. Our handymen have experience with a KPN modem, know how to set up a Ziggo modem and are familiar with routers from different brands. After successfully setting up the modem, they make sure to set up and connect the wifi, so you can connect to the internet with mobile devices as well. After this, they do a quick test to see if everything is connected correctly. Our handymen only leave when all devices have been set up correctly and there is a stable internet connection.

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