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Need to clear some storage from your laptop/PC?

What are common tasks of a computer helper?

A computer helper can have many different tasks, depending on the specific needs of an individual or organization. Some common tasks of a computer helper might include:

  • Helping install and configure software and hardware on computers.
  • Fixing technical problems with computers, such as troubleshooting error messages or making network connections.
  • Maintaining and updating computer equipment and software to make sure everything keeps running smoothly.
  • Giving advice and support to computer users on how to perform certain tasks, such as using certain programs or solving technical problems.

In general, the role of a computer helper is to make sure that computers and other technological equipment function properly and that users have the proper support to use these devices.

What can you do if you have Internet connection problems?

There are a number of things you can do if you are having problems with your Internet connection. First, it is wise to check whether the problem is with your Internet connection or with your device. You can do this by checking whether other devices connected to the same network are also experiencing problems. If not, the problem may be with the device you are using. In that case, you can try rebooting the device or resetting it to factory settings.

If the problem is with the Internet connection itself, you can take a number of steps to solve the problem. First, you can try rebooting the router by unplugging it and plugging it back in after a few minutes. This can sometimes help resolve connection problems. If that doesn't work, you can try checking the cable between the router and the modem and making sure it's connected properly. If you still don't have a connection, you can contact your Internet service provider to ask if there are problems with the network in your area. They can then help you resolve the problem.

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