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Do you have any IT related questions? Book directly a digital help via Zoofy. Our handy help can help you with all kinds of questions about IT, PC and mobile. A handy help is a student or retired handyman. They do not have certificates or a KVK number. They are suitable for use for easy chores.

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Computer help at Zoofy

The computer help for all your computer television questions

We live in a digital world. This brings with it many changes. The postman disappears from our streetscape. Sporadic mail arrives on your doorstep. On the other hand, your mailbox is overflowing, especially with e-mails from unwanted senders. You can read a book just as easily on your tablet and with your laptop you can watch Netflix anywhere, and there is a handy app for almost everything. It's nice and easy if it all works well.

Did you know that the Netherlands has the highest percentage of tablet and laptop users and that we are online more often than countries like Belgium and Germany? Over three-quarters of the Dutch population use a laptop.
On average, every Dutch person has 3.6 devices with a screen in their home. This figure also includes smartphones and E-readers.
In 2018, over 97% of Dutch people (aged 12 and over) used the internet and 86% of these users were online daily. Furthermore, 65% of Dutch people buy something via the internet at least once a month.

Student computer help needed more often than expected

With such a high average number of devices with a screen in the house, there comes a time when you have to replace an outdated or defective device for a new one. The installation usually involves a lot of work. Zoofy supports you when you need digital help to install a new device. Through Zoofy you can quickly and easily find a student computer helper. Students offer help with laptops and tablets when you don't succeed in installing your new device. The nice thing about getting help with installing your new equipment is that you can watch it all from a distance. That way, if you're interested, the instructions and tips stick better.

Student help with equipment installation 

After the equipment has been unpacked and the manual has been read, your digital help will start. The tasks can vary. Think of things like connecting the cables, connecting to the wifi, downloading the necessary programmes and apps, creating one or more user accounts or linking to other equipment such as (wireless) printers. Feel free to fire your questions at our digital help during the installation. They are experienced handymen with a passion for IT. They give you a clear and calm explanation and share useful tips with you. You can easily find this digital help at Zoofy. Before you know it, you can use your new tablet, laptop, computer or printer and it will function without any problems.

A big advantage of digital help via Zoofy is that you don't have to leave the house. Our computer help is not expensive at all. A computer help costs € 29.00 per hour. You will always be charged for this hour. After this hour, you will be charged for every 15 minutes. You don't have to pay for the bicycle call-out charge. Therefore, arrange a handyman through Zoofy easily and cheaply. Even when you urgently need to have your computer or laptop checked, Zoofy is there to quickly connect you to a service provider.

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