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Smart washing machine installation

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Have your smart washing machine installed via Zoofy

You easily book a specialist for washing machine installation through Zoofy. Have you bought a smart washing machine, but it still needs to be connected? Then with Zoofy you can easily book a smart home specialist who can connect the washing machine and then also help you install the mobile app. This way, you can remotely start your washing machine, see how long the programme still takes and pause the programme.

Installing a smart washing machine

Placing a smart washing machine is a way to install your washing machine in an efficient way. It is a technology that enables your washing machine to automatically detect where the water and electricity should be connected. It is a convenient way to install your washing machine, because you no longer have to connect the cables yourself.


  • You no longer have to connect cables, which saves you time.
  • Your washing machine is better protected against water and electrical damage.
  • Your washing machine is better insulated, so you save energy.


  • It is more expensive than installing your washing machine yourself.
  • You need a professional to complete the installation.

Possible costs:

The costs for having a smart washing machine installed can vary, depending on the professional you hire. The costs can amount to several hundred euros.

It is usually better to hire a professional to install your smart washing machine. This is because a professional has the right knowledge and experience to carry out the installation properly. In addition, they can help you solve any problems that may arise during the installation.

How do I choose the best smart washing machine for my home?

There are a number of factors that you can take into account when choosing a smart washing machine:

  1. Capacity: choose a machine that is suitable for the amount of laundry you wash on average at a time. A machine with a larger drum can be useful if you often have large amounts of laundry, but keep in mind that a larger machine also uses more energy.
  2. Energy efficiency: choose a machine with a good energy efficiency class, such as A+++ or A+++. This can help lower your energy costs.
  3. Ease of use: see if the washing machine's smart functions are useful and easy to use. For example, can you start and change washing programs with your smartphone, or does the machine have a timer function to schedule washing when it suits you?
  4. Price: consider your budget and see if the smart washing machine you're considering falls within your price range.
  5. Brand and Reputation: See if the washing machine brand has a good reputation and if there are positive reviews from other users.
  6. Warranty and service: check the warranty conditions and whether a good service is available in case of problems.

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