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Cost of charging station at home

Wednesday 05 June 2024

The average cost for installing a charge point is €500 to €1,500 for the purchase of the charge point and on average €350 for the installation.

Home charging station costs

The charge post home costs in the table below are calculated for charge posts with one charge point. If you want several charging points at home, you will pay a lot more. However, there are tax advantages to charging your electric car at home. We'll tell you more about this in this article.

Well-known brands of charging stations are: RED-box, NEWmotion, EVBox, Alfen I ICU and BlackBoxx. With a home charge post from one of these brands, you can be sure of a safe charging station. A charging station at home makes sure you are always ready to go, it also saves you money on energy costs and stress. Don't worry about a charging point on the road, because the charging station will be waiting for you at home.
Always have a charging station installed by a professional. That way, you can be sure it's safe and secure to use.

Cost overview charge post at home 

Land charge post installation Average costs
Purchase price €500 - €1500
Installation €350 (excluding VAT)
 Cable 4 Quadrats €3.50 p/m (excluding VAT)
 6 Quad cable €6 p/m (excl. VAT)
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Explanation charge post home price

On average, the price of a home charge post is between €500 and €1500. There is quite a difference in price. This is due to the type of charge post you can choose from, the model and any additional installation costs.

Different types of charging stations

You can choose between a single-phase and a three-phase charge post.

Installing a single-phase charge post

A single-phase charge post has a standard capacity of 16 A (Amps). This is because it is connected to the standard 230 V connection. With a 1-phase charge post you can charge up to a maximum of 3.7 kW (kiloWatt). To compare: a normal meter box also has a 1 phase connection.

Installing a 3-phase charge post

A 3-phase charge post uses three times the power. That is to say, 3 x 230 V. This is why we call it high-voltage current. The standard capacity of a 3-phase charge post is 3 times 25 A (and higher). With a single-phase charge post, you can charge up to a maximum of 3.7 kW. With a 3-phase charge post this is almost three times as much, 11 kW to be precise. Many people who cook on induction and also use several household appliances that require a lot of power have to have their meter changed. The 3-phase connection can be requested from the network operator as an extension. An electrician can then connect it for you. Requesting the extension from the grid operator costs an average of €200 - €300 excluding VAT.

Our advice on installing charging sockets

Our advice is to choose a 3-phase charge post. This ensures that you can charge any electric car at home. A single-phase charge post is not suitable for charging your electric or hybrid car. A sauna, heat pump or electric garage door use high-voltage current. With us you can also find the electrician who will change your meter box to make use of high-voltage current.

Have the electrician create a separate group for your charging station. This prevents short circuits in the house. The electrician will install an earth leakage switch. That way you choose optimal safety.

Difference in price for a charging station

The costs of a charge post also depend on the type of model you choose. The more elaborate the design, the higher the costs. You can choose whether you want the charge post to work with a key or a card. You also have a choice of plugs. Do you want a separate or fixed plug to the charge post at home? More and more people are opting for the 'load balancing' version. The charge point separates the power consumption at home from the electric car. This prevents overloading.

Installation costs of a charge point at home

On average, the installation of a charge point at home costs between €350 and €400 excluding VAT. The professional does not make an offer. This is because the situation where the charge point will be installed is important for the final price. Among other things, the professional looks at the meter box. Does it need to be extended? And where will the charge point be, is it in a place where you have to drill or dig? The more work, the higher the costs will be.

How to save on home charging post costs

Petrol prices have risen in recent years. By charging at home, you can make considerable savings on fuel costs. On average, home charging costs €0.0035 per km. At a public charging station you often have to pay a starting fee as well. You can also save money by applying for a subsidy. If you do this as a private person, it varies per municipality whether you can apply for a subsidy. Always check with your local authority.



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