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A slow or bad WIFI network is frustrating. The modem may not be installed properly or the router will not transmit the signal properly. Call in the help of an expert. View the prices, check the reviews. Schedule an appointment with a computer repairer from the neighborhood.

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Do you use a laptop, a smart TV or have a home office? Then building a home network can be very convenient. With a home network installation, you can connect various devices and benefit from a stable connection. You can choose to have a wired home network built or a wireless network. The advantage of a wired network is that it is much faster and more stable than a wifi network. The disadvantage is that you have to pull and lay cables. In addition, it is also a labor-intensive job that should be done by someone who understands cabling. You can hire our experienced handymen to install a home network. Curious about the costs? Then read on quickly.

Connecting different devices

You can connect various devices to a home network. You can choose a wireless or a wired variant. A wired home network is most convenient when a lot of data is being sent. You can connect different devices to a home network. An example of the devices you can connect:

NAS: A NAS is short for a network attached storage. This is a hard drive where different files can be stored. Often these are files of large formats (lots of data), such as movies. The advantage of a NAS is that the files can be shared and viewed across the network. To connect a NAS you need a stable and solid network, a wired network is the most ideal.

TV receiver

Almost everyone today has a smart TV with a TV subscription that runs through an Internet connection. You need to connect the TV receiver with a wire to your ZIGGO or UPC box. For this you also need a wired network.
The router: The router ensures that the Internet enters the home and controls all Internet traffic. All cables are connected to a router. The router is usually located in the meter cupboard.

Media player

A media player allows you to play not only movies and music, but also pictures on the TV. There are many different types of media players, for example, you have Google Chromecast but also Apple tv. Connecting a media player is best done via a wired network. This way you won't suffer from annoying buffer breaks.


You can connect various computers and laptops to a home network. For a laptop, a wifi network is fine because you like flexibility. For a computer, that doesn't matter as much and it's nicer to connect it to a wired network. That way you benefit from more stability and a faster connection.

Do you have a separate office or computer room? Then when building a home network it is also smart to make a network connection in this room a computer with, for example, Windows on it naturally belongs on the home network.

With a computer the stability of the network is less important, but when possible it is still nice to also connect computer to a wired network. It simply gives more speed and stability. A network connection in the computer room is therefore advisable.

A server at home

If you want to connect a server at home, a wired home network is the best option. After all, a server must always be accessible and provide a stable connection.


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