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When there are too many files on your computer or laptop, the device becomes slow. If you are afraid of losing data, make a backup. Need help? Schedule an appointment with a computer repairer in your area.

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How should I make a backup for PC or MAC?

How to make a backup

When you have important documents or photos on your computer, it is important to make a backup. It is everybody's worst nightmare that suddenly your laptop or computer crashes. Just when you have been working on an important document for hours the night before. In one go everything is gone. Or all your important photos, which are only on your computer, are gone. This is something you should not think about, if only you had made a backup. When you don't know much about computers, it is of course difficult to make a back-up. Luckily, can help you with that!

We also have some tips to help you make a back-up of all your files.

You can always opt for an external backup. This can be done via a USB stick or an external hard disk. By putting the USB stick in the USB port of your computer, you can use the USB. Select everything you want to save on the USB, in this way you have easily made a back-up of a number of documents. Keep in mind, however, that a USB stick cannot hold that many documents. For a complete backup of your computer, it is better to choose another option. An external hard disk works the same way, but has more memory on it.
Backing up with Time Machine, this only applies to a Mac. Time Machine allows you to back up your Mac several times a day. This prevents you from losing documents or other files quickly. Use the following steps to create the backup:
Step-by-step plan

Open System Preferences under the Apple icon
Select 'Time Machine
Click the switch on 'On
Click on 'Select disk' in the upper right corner
A new screen will appear, where you can select backup locations.
Select the desired drive and click "Use Disk".
As soon as you have selected a drive, a backup will be made. The first time this may take a while.
Apart from these classic forms of backup, you can also choose to install a program that does this for you. 

Should you not be able to solve the problem after these tips, Zoofy will help you. You can easily make an appointment via our website. Enter your postal code and select the date and time that suits you best. 

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