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For the installation of a fast home network you sometimes use a cable rather than WIFI. Drawing cables can be a difficult task. Enable the help of an expert. View the prices, check reviews. Schedule an appointment with a computer repairer.

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Book a professional for pulling network cables

Nowadays, many devices in and around the house require support from a network cable. For a stable internet connection, a network cable still works best. Even though you can easily get WiFi everywhere, your internet connection is still most reliable and stable with a network cable. How do you get a network cable in every room? A Zoofy professional can help you with this. It is quite a job to pull a network cable everywhere in your house. In a newly built house, you often have a number of empty pipes, which makes the job easier.

In an older house, it is often quite a puzzle to get the cable from the meter box to the right room. For both variants, it's nice to get help from a Zoofy specialist. These professionals know exactly what they are doing and how best to pull a network cable. This way the cables are placed safely and correctly. Whether it's an easy job or a difficult job. The Zoofy specialists see the challenge in pulling a network cable without empty pipes. Once the cables are in place, anything is possible. You can connect your wifi amplifier, or directly connect your pc or mediabox. You then also have a stable connection in your attic or garden shed, for example. A strong connection everywhere is possible with a little help from Zoofy.

Why is it useful to have network cables in the house?

An utp cable, also known as a network cable, is a cable that is used with many devices. Think of your TV receiver or your PC. People think that wifi is everywhere in the house, but this is not the case in many households. Either the wifi connection is not strong enough for what you want, or the connection is simply not good enough. Most newly built houses have such thick walls that no wifi can get through. In addition, most old houses cause so much noise that the wifi is not received in the right place. A network cable connection is useful when using your media box, TV receiver, telephone connection, PC or printer, for example. Were you planning to make the attic your man's home? Or do you want your teenage son or daughter to stay there? Perhaps you had a relaxed TV room in mind, or an office? Whatever you want to make there, you almost always need a wifi connection that is strong and stable. Without a stable connection, your TV series will stutter, you'll have problems uploading your game and you won't be able to skype fluently with your girlfriend. You could solve this by simply pulling a network cable upstairs. That way, the attic space comes into its own. Stable internet in the attic does mean that you have to pull out the utp cable in the meter cupboard when you want to get in touch with the attic inhabitant again.

What is involved in pulling a network cable?

How difficult it is to pull an utp cable, or any other type of cable, depends on the house and the previous laying of the cabling. When it is necessary to pull network cables without an empty pipe, the job is considerably more difficult. The job is a lot easier when it comes to pulling network cables in a house with ready-made tubes. This applies, for example, to a newly built house.

In a newly built house, it often happens that there are several empty tubes. This means that the specialist has to find the right tube and fish out the cable with a pulling spring. After this, he can pull the cable through and install it further. Is it a house that has had several occupants? Then it's possible that there are no empty tubes and the Zoofy specialist faces a challenge. Pulling an utp cable is likely to be an extensive job. Are there old unused cables that can be replaced? Then you're in luck, this makes it easier. This way the Zoofy specialist can remove the old cables and pull new network cables in their place. Are all cables in use? This makes pulling the network cable a bigger job. Now the cable needs to be pulled through the wall or ceiling.

The distance from the meter cupboard to the final location of course determines the size of the challenge. Fortunately Zoofy specialists are also familiar with these situations and will always make sure that the network cable is pulled through correctly and safely.


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