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Modem installation

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For the proper functioning of an internet connection, the first step is to connect a modem correctly. Often the device is placed in the cupboard that holds the fuse box. An expert can help. He will connect the modem to the incoming line and ensure that everything is set correctly. View the prices and make an appointment with a computer repairer in your area.

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Have your modem set by a computer expert

Does your modem need to be set up correctly? Then book a job immediately and we will arrange for a professional to come and connect your modem.

Where to install the modem

The exact location where you should install the modem depends on the type of modem you have and where the phone line comes in. If your modem needs a landline to work, you should install the modem as close to the phone jack as possible. If your modem is wireless, you can install the modem in a central location in your home to ensure the best reception.

Tips for connecting modem

It is advisable to install the modem where you can easily access it, so that you can easily connect and maintain it. Installing the modem in a central location can also help to increase the speed of your internet connection as the signal can reach better throughout the house.

Help with connecting modem

Go through your modem manual and follow the steps in it to install the modem correctly. If you need help, you can contact Zoofy. We have many computer specialists on staff who can help place and install a modem. That way, you'll have good wifi all over your home.

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