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Repair internet connection via Zoofy

No connection? Through Zoofy you can easily book an ICT specialist who can restore your internet. You easily arrange a professional when it suits you without any hassle. 

Possible causes and what to do

It is possible that your internet connection is down. There are a number of things you can try to restore the connection:

Check that your modem and router are on and that there are no disturbances in your environment that could interfere with the connection, such as a power outage or interference from electrical appliances.

Check that the cables are connected properly and that there is no damage to the cables or connectors.

Try resetting the connection by turning the power off

back on or rebooting the modem and router.

If you are still not connected, contact your Internet service provider to ask if there is an outage in the network. They can help you restore the connection.

It is important to remember that Internet connections are often unstable and several factors can contribute to an outage. Therefore, always try to follow some simple steps yourself before contacting your Internet service provider.

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