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Repair computer

Repair computer
From   €59,-
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Emergency & warranty service
Our craftsmen score a 9.2
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Due to wear and age, some parts of the computer may be destroyed. You can also modernize an old computer by, for example, replacing the old hard drive for a newer one. Leave it to an expert. View the prices, check the reviews. Schedule an appointment with a computer repairer.

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The professional will come by at the time you have chosen.

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You can pay afterwards when you are happy with the job

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Why Zoofy?

  • Include a warranty package
  • No call-out costs.
  • Our professionals score a 9,2
  • There are 88 requests today.
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PC repair by a computer expert from Zoofy


Nothing is more annoying than when you have a broken computer or laptop. Arrange a PC repair directly through Zoofy. Nowadays, our entire life is on the computer, from all the beautiful memories in our digital photo album to the administration and information from work. Problems with your laptop are not only annoying, they can also cause you to lose your data. When your computer gives strange error messages, you want to have your computer fixed as soon as possible. The Zoofy expert in your neighbourhood will come to your home today for a computer repair. Our experts will do everything in their power to save your laptop. So ask the Zoofy expert to fix your computer.

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