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Due to wear and age, some parts of the computer may be destroyed. You can also modernize an old computer by, for example, replacing the old hard drive for a newer one. Leave it to an expert. View the prices, check the reviews. Schedule an appointment with a computer repairer.

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PC repair by a computer expert from Zoofy


Nothing is more annoying than when you have a broken computer or laptop. Arrange a PC repair directly through Zoofy. Nowadays, our entire life is on the computer, from all the beautiful memories in our digital photo album to the administration and information from work. Problems with your laptop are not only annoying, they can also cause you to lose your data. When your computer gives strange error messages, you want to have your computer fixed as soon as possible. The Zoofy expert in your neighbourhood will come to your home today for a computer repair. Our experts will do everything in their power to save your laptop. So ask the Zoofy expert to fix your computer.


Does Zoofy also deliver computer repair at home?

Yes, we do! To get your computer fixed, you don't have to bend over backwards to get it fixed. The Zoofy expert will repair your computer at home. This way you don't have to carry your heavy pc or sit in the bus with your smoking laptop. The Zoofy expert comes to your home to solve all your computer problems. Make sure that in step 2 of the request for a job, you give all the information about the problem as clearly as possible. This way the Zoofy expert knows if any parts need to be replaced. It could be for instance that a chip doesn't work anymore or that a video card is very outdated. In that case it's nice that the Zoofy expert can suspect this and is therefore prepared when he arrives at your house.

Laptop repair

Besides PC repair, Zoofy also arranges for an expert to fix your laptop. Simply book an expert for the repair of your laptop. Indicate in the description what type of laptop it is so that the expert already knows what laptop problems he might be dealing with.


When can you let a Zoofy specialist fix your laptop?

Basically, you can request the Zoofy expert for any computer related problem. The cost of home computer repairs is geared towards this. With the low starting rate, you can also have a Zoofy specialist come by because files have disappeared. Or because you accidentally clicked on a link, even though you knew that wasn't wise. The Zoofy specialist will even come and visit you when you're bombarded with commercials when you open a start page. The Zoofy specialist is there for any kind of home computer repair. So don't hesitate to have your computer repaired by a specialist. The most common problems why people let a Zoofy expert fix their laptop are as follows:

Very slow working computer
Recurring error messages
The computer crashes regularly
The computer does not start up anymore
There is a virus on the computer
Help with cleaning up the computer
Help with connecting external devices such as printers
Help with software installations
Connecting monitors

Hardware and software problems

The zoofy computer specialist divides computer problems into two variants. Of course it can also be a combined problem. This is often the case with older computers. Therefore, always let the computer mechanic know what type of computer you have and how old it is. It is often useful to have an idea of the cause of the problem yourself. Do you want the laptop to be repaired because of hardware problems or because of software problems?

Hardware problems: By hardware problems we mean problems with all the physical parts of a computer. These can be parts like a mouse, monitor and keyboard, but also parts like the hard disk, video cards and chips.
Software problems: By software, we mean the programs. This can be the operating system such as Windows or Apple, but it can also be a program such as Word or Photoshop.
Private and business content of your computer
Our lives today are closely connected with computers. Whether for work or pleasure, no one can live without them anymore. From printing photos to checking your bank details, it all happens via your laptop or computer. If you have problems with your computer, you may be able to access your sensitive information. We understand that this does not always feel good. That's why we check all our Zoofy computer specialists, before we include them in our database. This way you are assured of an honest and reliable specialist and we send the expert to you with confidence. To further reassure you, it's good to know that most problems can be solved without having to look into all the data.


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