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Recharge port replacement

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Get your charging port replaced on your devices

If the charging port of your laptop or phone is broken, it is advisable to have it replaced by a specialist. This is because replacing the charging port is a technically complex job that requires specific knowledge and skills. Trying to replace the charging port yourself could lead to further damage to your device or even injury.

What does the computer specialist do

A specialist will expertly replace the charging port on your laptop or phone and ensure that the device is working properly again. It is advisable to consult a professional repair company to replace the charging port. They will be able to help you replace the charging port and can advise you on which parts are best for your device. Keep in mind that replacing the charging port can often take some time, so plan accordingly.

What does Zoofy do

Zoofy is an online marketplace where you can instantly book handymen and tradesmen. Through Zoofy, you can easily get a professional to come and replace the charging port of a your electronic devices.

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No hassle with quotes

All professionals and contractors listed on Zoofy all work for the same rates, so no competition between them. You therefore also know the hourly rate immediately in advance.

Professional service without call-out charges

Whatever the repair, Zoofy has someone who can help you with it. All our professionals have been vetted and rated by customers who have had the pleasure of working with them.

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If you need a plumber or electrician, you don't have to wait until they are available. We often arrange a professional in the suburbs within minutes.

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