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Costs of a ground rod

Thursday 17 November 2022

In this price guide you can read all about the ground rod, we explain what an earth pin is, why you need to dig an earth pin and the costs of digging an earth pin.

The costs of a ground rod

The costs of the earthing procedure vary. The cost of an earth rod depends among other things on the place where the earth stake has to be driven, at what depth it has to be driven and what the thickness of the earth stake has to be. If the subsoil is hard and the place where the earthing point has to be driven is difficult to reach, the costs will increase. This is also the case when the earthing rod has to be driven deeper into the ground.
The cost of the copper earth pin with fittings, wire and installation in the meter cupboard including the earth leakage protection is on average € 150 including VAT.

Ground rod installation

- Earthing at a depth of at least 2 metres € 125
- Earthing at a depth of 5 metres € 175
- Earthing at maximum depth € 240