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Costs of a plumber

Tuesday 27 December 2022

Do you suspect a leak or want to call in a plumber for a blockage or other job? Then it is useful to know the costs. You'll find out in this article. Go through it so you know what to expect!

What are the costs of a plumber?

What a plumber costs depends on certain things. The cost of a plumber for a blockage is not the same as the cost of a plumber for the installation of a central heating boiler. At Zoofy you can book a plumber from 65 euros per hour. But this price can vary. Below we give you a more concrete overview of the plumbing costs per hour.

Costs plumber per hour

Type of cost Cost
Average cost of a plumber per hour (including VAT) 65 Euros
Service costs €24,95 euro
Cost of a plumber per hour with rush 86 euros
Emergency service charge €24,95 euros
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

How long does a plumber job take?

Now that you know what the plumber price per hour is, of course you also need to know how long a plumber will take. Only then will you know what you will have to pay approximately. You can find more info in the table below. In addition, plumbers always charge at least one hour. Otherwise, it is not profitable for them to come by.

Different jobs and their duration

Type of job The duration of the job
Leakage about 30 minutes
CV maintenance about 30 minutes
Gutter repair about 2 hours
Unclog drain about 1 hour
Sewer unclogging about 1 hour
Costs plumber per job

By now, it's already a bit easier to calculate what the plumber will cost you. And we make it even easier by giving you a price overview of plumber prices per job below. These prices include VAT.

Prices per job

Type of job Fixed price
Drain unblocking from 109 euro
Bath fitting or replacement from 309 euro
Connecting an American fridge from 225 euro

Emergency plumber costs

Emergency plumber prices are usually higher. You pay around 86 euros per hour for this instead of 65 euros per hour. But when do you call on an emergency plumber? Usually, an emergency plumber is chosen when there is flooding from a leak and other urgent issues, for example. The nice thing about the emergency plumber service is that you can really go there 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Cost of plumber per hour

When to hire a plumber?

Plumbers come in handy in different situations. You probably already know that they can install plumbing and fix leaks, but there are so many other jobs they can do for you. Here's an overview!

Fixing and detecting leaks

A plumber can not only fix a leak, but also detect it via smoke gas detection, camera inspection or smoke gas detection. Since a professional has the necessary equipment for this, the leak is found faster than if you do it yourself.

Once the location of the leak is identified, the plumber can fix it. Not sure if there is a leak? Then it's better not to stay in doubt for too long. Call in the plumber in time for inspection to avoid as much damage as possible.

Laying or relocating pipes

The plumber can also lay new pipes in a new house or an old house that you are renovating. Do you already have the necessary pipes but want to move them? Then he or she can also help you. Moreover, this applies not only to water pipes, but also to gas pipes. For new homes, the plumber also installs the sewage system.

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