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Finish costs ceiling

Wednesday 03 January 2024

Are you planning to finish your ceiling? Then it's good to know exactly how much it will cost you. That way you can prepare yourself well. In this article you will find out all about it and you will also find out what options you have!

What does it cost to finish a ceiling?

When you want to finish your ceiling, there are several options. The price depends strongly on the type of finish you choose. For example, you only pay 7 euros per square meter to have your ceiling spackled, but installing a stretch ceiling can cost you up to 90 euros per square meter. The costs of lowering your ceiling are usually much higher. This is logical, because more material needs to be used. It also takes longer to lower your ceiling. The table below gives you an overview of the costs for finishing a ceiling per type!

Costs for finishing a ceiling

Tensioned ceiling 70 and 95 euros per m²
Gyproc ceiling 55 and 70 euro per m²
System ceiling 45 and 60 Euros per m²
Spackle spraying 7 and 11 Euro per m²
Wallpaper ready plaster 12 and 18 euro per m²
Ready to plaster 12 and 23 euro per m²
Decorative plaster 18 and 23 Euros per m²
Ceiling finishing: the different possibilities

There are different ways to finish your ceiling. Each finishing method has its advantages and disadvantages. Below you will discover which method is the best option for you!

Tensioned ceiling

One of the most popular types is a stretch ceiling. It has a lot of advantages. There are many possibilities in terms of colour and material, which makes it suitable for every interior. Furthermore, it can be installed very quickly and it protects against water damage.

Is your stretch ceiling dirty? Then you can easily wash it off. This type of finish also insulates well, which saves you energy. It is also a stylish method of lowering your ceiling. The downside is that it is a bit more expensive than most options.

Price: For the installation of a stretch ceiling you pay on average between 70 and 95 euros per square metre.

Gyproc ceiling

Another way to obtain a lowered ceiling is to have plasterboard (Gyproc) installed. In that case the costs of lowering your ceiling are lower. Plasterboard is therefore the best option if you have a limited budget but still want to lower your ceiling. The big advantage of this material is that it is impact resistant and fire resistant. It also provides good sound insulation.

The disadvantage of plasterboard is that it is less suitable for damp rooms. However, there are waterproof plasterboards. If you choose this option, the costs of lowering the ceiling will of course be higher.

Price: Finishing your ceiling with gyproc boards usually costs between 55 and 70 Euros per square metre.

Plastering the ceiling

If you do not want a suspended ceiling, you can also choose to plaster your ceiling. This means that you have a layer of plaster applied to your ceiling. You can choose decorative plaster, but it is also possible to wallpaper or paint your ceiling ready for painting. So there are more than enough options.

Plaster can withstand water better than a plasterboard ceiling. If you want to finish your ceiling in an inexpensive way or you want to strengthen a false ceiling, this is a good option!

Price: The cost of finishing a ceiling in this case is between 7 and 23 euros per square metre.


System ceiling

Another possibility to finish your ceiling is by choosing a system ceiling. In that case, ceiling tiles are placed in special profiles. You can compare it a little bit with a stretch ceiling, but in this case plates are used instead of a cloth. It is also much cheaper. A suspended ceiling is especially a good choice if you want to hide pipes and cables.

It also has a very sleek and professional look. That is why it is often used in business settings. But of course, a suspended ceiling also looks good in your home. Just like a stretch ceiling, it is hygienic and provides good sound insulation. This finish, however, is more fire-resistant.

Price: a suspended ceiling costs between 45 and 60 euros per square metre.

A lowering ceiling or not?

The costs of lowering the ceiling are usually higher than plastering the ceiling. But a suspended ceiling does have some advantages. For instance it is energy saving, sound insulating and you can hide cables and pipes. To find out if a suspended ceiling is the best choice for you you have to decide what is most important for you.

Do you want to finish your ceiling yourself or have it done for you?

The degree of difficulty of finishing your ceiling depends on the type of finish you choose. Because you are working in the height, it is always challenging. Without experience and knowledge, finishing your ceiling can be very dangerous. For this reason it is better to let a professional do it for you.

By hiring a professional the costs of finishing a ceiling are of course higher, but it is well worth the extra money. Because you make it a lot easier on yourself and you can always count on a durable and beautiful result!

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