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Stukadoor Kosten betonrot herstellen

Concrete rot repair costs

Friday 11 November 2022

When you hear the word rot, you may think of spoiled food but not immediately of concrete rot. Yet concrete can also "rot". In this article we explain what is meant by concrete rot, how concrete rot can be remedied and what the cost of concrete repair may be.

Concrete rot, what is it?

In concrete, for reinforcement, a reinforcement of iron or steel is applied. When this steel structure starts to rust over time, the steel will expand because of this rusting. As a result, the surrounding concrete is slowly pushed away and cracks appear in the concrete. This creates even more room for moisture and therefore more room for even more rust. Eventually, the concrete will crumble. This phenomenon is popularly called concrete rot.

Costs of concrete repair

What the exact cost of a concrete repair will be, is different for each situation. A role is obviously played by the severity of the concrete rot, the surface to be repaired and any other external circumstances, such as whether an aerial work platform must be used or whether scaffolding must be built. The price for repairing concrete rot therefore depends, among other things, on the extent of the concrete repair.

Below we give an example of the average costs for the repair of concrete rot. Mentioned costs include materials, labor and VAT.

type of repair repair average costs
small repair of concrete lintel € 250
major repair of floor, foundation or balcony € 500 to € 1,200
When it comes to more extensive work, the costs naturally increase even more. This is the case when there is:

additional work
Drilling and replacement of reinforcement
the need to support the concrete construction, for example a balcony.
Usually the professional can make a good estimate of the expected costs in advance. When you hire a professional through Zoofy, you know exactly what the hourly rate will be. In this case that is € 69


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