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How much does it cost to repair a water heater

Wednesday 05 June 2024

How much does it cost to repair a water heater?

A water heater is essential for any home and helps heat the water you use for bathing, showering, cooking and cleaning. Countless people rely on their water heaters every day. These appliances play a crucial role in enabling families to live a safe and comfortable life. Unfortunately, over time many problems can occur with water heaters, from leaking valves to broken thermostats. When boiler problems occur, it is vital to get professional repairs done as soon as possible.

The average cost to repair a water heater is between €150 and €750. Most people will pay around €450 to have their tank flushed to remove mineral deposits. The cost can be much higher or lower, depending on the exact nature of the problem. Fixing a leaking valve can be done for as little as £50, while fitting a new boiler can cost up to £2,000.

Water heater repair costs

Repair cost Water heater  
Average cost €450
Average range €150-€750
Minimum cost €75
Maximum cost €2,000
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Repair costs water heater per power source

Water heaters can have different power sources and can have different problems, depending on the type you have in your home. For example, a solar water heater has different parts than a propane water heater, which may require different repairs and replacements. This will also affect the price of your water heater repair. The table below shows some common types of water heaters by power source, along with the average repair cost for each type:

Type of machine Average repair cost (including labour)
Electric €100 - €650
Gas 150 - 750
Propane 150 -750
Solar €150 - €900
Electric water heater repair costs
The average cost of repairing electric water heaters is between €100 and €650. Electric water heaters are usually the cheapest option when it comes to initial cost and installation. They are also often the cheapest type of water heater to repair. Common problems with electric water heaters include problems with thermostats, heating elements and valves.

Gas water heater repair costs

Homeowners can expect to pay between €150 and €750 for gas water heater repairs. Gas water heaters work in much the same way as electric heaters. However, they have a few different components that can cause problems, such as the burner, gas control valves, the anode rod, or even the tank.

Propane Boiler Repair Costs

If you need to have a propane water heater repaired, the cost usually ranges from $150 to $750. Propane water heaters are simply a type of gas water heater. The repair costs are the same and the potential problems that these heaters can encounter are identical. Like gas heaters, propane heaters can suffer from valve problems or problems with other components, such as the tank.

Solar water heater repair costs

Repairs for solar water heaters cost between €150 and €900. Solar water heaters are often among the most expensive water heaters to install and repair. They have much more expensive components than other types of heaters. Problems can arise with the entire solar water heating system, including the panels and collector area and the tank itself.

Water heater repair costs per type of machine

We can also divide water heaters into different categories based on their type. There are classic tank models in which heated water is stored in a large tank, ready for use throughout the house, and modern tankless equivalents. There are also hybrid systems and boilers. The repair costs for each type vary due to the different components used. The table below shows some types of boilers and the average repair costs for each type.

Machine type Average repair cost (including labour)
Tankless €100 - €650
With tank €150 - €750
Hybrid €150 - €900
Tankless water heater repair cost
The cost of repairing a tankless water heater ranges from €100 to €650. Expect costs ranging from €100 to €600 for electric tankless water heater repairs and between €150 and €650 for gas tankless water heater repairs. Tankless water heaters are usually the cheapest kind to repair because there is no tank, so there is no risk of cracks or tank problems. All components are usually very easily accessible.




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