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Cost of replacing the boiler

Wednesday 05 June 2024

Replacing a central heating boiler can have several reasons. Especially if you have an old(-re) central heating boiler, the efficiency is often not optimal. A central heating boiler has an average lifespan of 14 years. Due to the lagging and decreasing efficiency, you will have to deal with an increasing energy bill. The likelihood of a breakdown (and associated costs) is also increasing. In the long run, maintaining an old central heating system is more expensive than replacing it. When you decide to replace your boiler, you are assured of optimal and safe operation. Moreover, the latest generation of boilers are economical in use. A nice thought, therefore, that you can always count on a warm home and a hot shower.
In this article, we give some price examples for replacing a central heating boiler. We also describe the work involved and tell you which professional can best perform this work.

Boiler replacement costs

For replacing a central heating boiler, costs start at € 900 and can reach an average of € 4,000. The lowest amounts apply to a VR (improved efficiency) boiler. However, a better choice is an HE boiler (high efficiency), where you save significantly more on energy. However, the final cost depends on the type of boiler and where it is to be installed. The amounts mentioned above are only for the purchase of the boiler itself. The cost of installing or replacing the boiler is between €500 and €1,000.
In the table below, you can see what the average costs will be in 2022 for each type of boiler. Installation costs are listed separately

Type of central-heating boiler Average costs
VR boiler € 900 to € 1,500
HE boiler € 1,400 to € 3,000
Hre boiler € 8,000 to € 12,000
Installation costs € 500 to € 1,000
The following factors affect the cost of replacing a boiler

Obviously, the cost of replacing or installing a central heating system can vary from one situation to another. Factors that influence the final cost include:
- The type of central heating boiler
- The brand of the boiler
- The CW* rating
- The savings
*The value that indicates the amount of hot water the boiler can deliver per minute is called CW value. CW stands for Comfort Hot Water. The higher the CW value, the faster the hot water is on site. There are six CW classes, CW1 to CW6.

The type of boiler

The first factor that affects the boiler replacement cost is the type of boiler. Realise that not only the purchase cost is important, but also the efficiency, i.e. how efficient the boiler is, should be considered. A higher efficiency ultimately means savings on your energy costs, which means you will eventually recoup part of the investment. Does your home not yet have a geyser? Then it is best to buy a so-called combi boiler. If the house does have a (proper) geyser, an ordinary (solo) boiler is usually the cheapest option.

The table below shows the efficiency of each type of boiler.

Type of boiler Efficiency
HE boiler (solo) n.a.
HE boiler (combi) 100 to 107%
HE boiler 140%
The brand of boiler

Apart from personal preference, your budget also determines which brand of boiler you choose. Whether you are on a tight budget or want to keep warm, there are good brands for every budget. Good budget models are offered by the likes of Remeha, Intergas, Ferroli and AWB. The average purchase price ranges from €800 to €1,100 (excluding installation costs).
Mid-range boilers offer the brands Vaillant, Daalderop or Bosch. They are stylish and reliable boilers.
Upper-end boilers are offered by Nefit and Atag.
The table below shows the average prices for each brand.

Price segment Brand Average prices
Low Remeha, Intergas, Ferroli and AWB € 800 to €1,100
Medium Vaillant, Daalderop and Bosch € 1,000 to € 1,300
High Nefit, Atag € 1,300 to € 1,700
The CW value of the central heating boiler

The higher the CW value of a boiler, the more expensive the boiler is to purchase. On the other hand, a higher CW value means higher comfort in your home. In the table below, you can see not only what the various CW classes cost on average, but also how many litres of hot water they can deliver per minute and what they are most suitable for.

CW class Average cost Number of litres per minute Suitable for
1 € 900 to € 1,400 4 Kitchen
2 € 1,100 to € 1,400 6 Kitchen or shower
3 € 1,200 to € 1,800 10 Kitchen, shower or bath, but not at the same time
4 € 1,400 to € 2,000 13 Kitchen, shower or bath, partly simultaneous
5 € 1,800 to € 2,000 17 Kitchen, shower or bath, almost simultaneous
6 €2,400 to €3,000 20 Kitchen and shower or bath, simultaneously
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