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Hybrid heat pump costs

Wednesday 29 May 2024

These are expensive times right now, caused in part by the skyrocketing cost of natural gas. Fortunately, there are several ways to save on your energy costs. This can be done, for example, by buying and having a hybrid heat pump installed. In this article, we will explain to you what a hybrid heat pump is, what the costs of a hybrid heat pump including installation can be, and who is best to hire for its installation.

A hybrid heat pump, what is it and how does it work?

A hybrid heat pump, a small heat pump, works in conjunction with your boiler and runs on electricity instead of gas. Your home is largely heated by this heat pump. The boiler, which still runs on gas, provides hot water in the bathroom and kitchen. On cold days, the boiler can step in if required, so your home can always be heated optimally.

How does a hybrid heat pump work?

A hybrid heat pump consists of an indoor and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit resembles an air conditioner and can be placed in various locations. The outdoor unit extracts heat from the outside air or ventilation air. The fan does make some noise when the outdoor unit is in operation (when the heating is on). However, most people do not find this noise disturbing. So choose the location for the outdoor unit wisely, preferably not under a (bedroom) window. The indoor unit is installed next to the central heating boiler and ensures that a higher temperature level is reached, with which your home can be heated (usually either entirely or largely). The indoor unit has fairly modest dimensions, namely 30 x 30 x 60 centimetres.

What are the advantages of buying a hybrid heat pump?

Because a hybrid heat pump runs on electricity instead of gas and your central heating boiler does not have to step in as often, you can use up to 60% less natural gas. That saves a lot in energy costs, but not in cosy warmth. Another added benefit is that when you buy a hybrid heat pump, you can apply for a subsidy.

Subsidy for a hybrid heat pump

What a hybrid heat pump can cost, more on that later in this article. On this cost, you can get an average subsidy of 30%. Note that you only get a subsidy on the purchase, not on the labour costs. The amount of the subsidy depends on the capacity and the type of hybrid heat pump. Furthermore, the heat pump must be part of your central heating system. The subsidy amount ranges from € 500 to € 2,500. This usually allows you to recoup the purchase price within four to eight years.

Is my home suitable for installing a hybrid heat pump?

A hybrid heat pump can almost always be purchased, especially when your home is not yet (optimally) insulated. This is immediately an excellent time to insulate your house better (or have it insulated). With better insulation, the hybrid heat pump will be even more economical in use and your boiler will not have to step in as often.

Because you not only purchase a hybrid heat pump, but also install insulation, you may be eligible for a higher subsidy amount.

Is your current central heating boiler perhaps due for replacement or is it 12 years old or older? Then have the hybrid heat pump installed immediately, or, if it is not delivered directly with the boiler, at least prepare its connection.

Is your home very well insulated? Then it is better to switch to an ordinary heat pump and go completely off gas.

Before buying a hybrid heat pump, check with the municipality whether there are plans to build a heat network in your neighbourhood. If so, and if the municipality starts building it within five years, it will be unfavourable to purchase a hybrid heat pump.

Tip: Using the 50-degree test, you can test whether your home is adequately insulated. To do this, set your boiler to 50 degrees Celsius for a week in winter or autumn. If it stays comfortably warm in the house, your home is adequately insulated.

Furthermore, a hybrid heat pump works best in combination with so-called low-temperature heating. This is when the highest efficiency is achieved. Do you have existing radiators? Then you don't necessarily need to replace them.

Costs of a hybrid heat pump including installation

The cost of a 4 kW hybrid heat pump including the outdoor unit is around €6,000 to €8,500. Do you also want to replace your central heating boiler at the same time? Then keep in mind amounts of around €8,500.00 to €11,000.00. The amounts mentioned include labour and VAT. The subsidy amount can still be deducted from this (see section: subsidy for a hybrid heat pump). If adjustments to the meter box or to the heating system are required, these costs will be added to the above-mentioned hybrid heat pump costs.

Hybrid heat pump in 2023 in combination with the price cap

Because the Dutch government is instituting a temporary price cap on energy prices from 1 January 2023, you can still save on your energy bill with a hybrid heat pump. The price ceiling is €1.45 per m3 of gas (up to 1200 m3) and €0.40 per kWh (up to 2900 kWh). For example, if you have a moderately insulated corner house, you will save around €265 on your energy bill.

Buying a hybrid heat pump? Expect longer delivery times

Of course, you are not the only one who wants to save on gas and your energy bill. So bear in mind that due to the huge demand for hybrid heat pumps, among other things, there are waiting times and even delivery problems. Will your hybrid heat pump be delivered? Then quickly and easily engage a professional in your area via Zoofy. There are no long waiting times at Zoofy.

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