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Costs of Venetian blinds

Thursday 04 January 2024

Costs for mounting blinds

The costs for mounting Venetian blinds are dependent on several factors. Besides the labour costs of the professional, which can be arranged quickly and easily via Zoofy, the type, size, material and width of the slats of the blinds largely determine the costs of hanging venetian blinds. A larger size venetian blind is more expensive than a smaller size venetian blind and a venetian blind made of plastic is cheaper than one made of wood or aluminium. The table below shows a few examples. The prices mentioned include VAT.

Item Cost per blind Note

Size and material € 90 to € 600 Width 100 to 300 cm, wood or aluminium
Mounting € 75 to € 110 The price drops when multiple blinds are mounted

Venetian blinds, what are they exactly?

Venetian blinds consist of horizontal slats or strips that can have different widths (per blind). Venetian blinds The slats can be opened, tilted inwards, tilted outwards or closed as required using an operating rod and a cord. Moreover, Venetian blinds can be lowered all the way up, down or halfway along the window. This gives you maximum freedom to let the (sun) light in at all, not at all or partially, and to create privacy in no time at all. Venetian blinds are also available in various materials such as aluminium, wood, plastic and textile, as well as in various colours. Do you already have a colour in mind?

Venetian blinds can be used in almost any living or office space, even in the bathroom or in the attic. Even tilt and turn windows are suitable for this form of window decoration/sun protection. By installing side guides, they stay neatly in place. Because of the many possibilities and variations, Venetian blinds are the ideal window decoration. Another word for venetian blinds is Luxaflex. However, this is a brand name and, just as spring water is sometimes referred to as Spa, it is used improperly.


Some price examples

To give you an even better idea of how much it costs to hang Venetian blinds, we give you three price examples:

Smallest price

The cost including installation for an aluminium Venetian blind of 100 x 100 cm with slats of 1.6 cm width is € 320.

Average price

The cost of assembling a 300 x 100 cm aluminium blind with slats of 5 cm width is €180.

Highest price

The price of wooden blinds 200 cm wide with slats of 5 cm width, including installation, is € 400.

Price structure

The share of the total cost consists of the material, the blinds themselves. This is approximately 67%. The installation costs account for approximately 33% of the total costs. The hourly wage of the professional who can be hired through Zoofy amounts to € 55.

Hanging costs of venetian blinds, these are factors that influence the price

Dimensions and material

The size and material of the Venetian blind has the greatest influence on its cost. In this example, we will use two types of material, wood and aluminium. Do you want to give your home a warm, rural or Scandinavian look? Then wooden blinds are the best choice. They allow for a soft incidence of light. However, aluminium blinds are the most popular choice. With these, the incidence of light can be regulated more precisely and there is the least amount of privacy. Moreover, aluminium has a heat-resistant effect. The table below is therefore based on aluminium Venetian blinds with a height of 100 cm, in the most common slat widths and in a standard RAL colour. The costs quoted include VAT but do not include installation.

slat width 16 mm slat width 25 mm slat width 50 mm slat width 70 mm
100 cm € 90 to € 110 € 80 to € 130 € 105 to € 130 € 110 to € 160
200 cm 135 to 170 110 to 210 160 to 190 175 to 270
300 cm 180 to 230 € 150 to 280 € 225 to 250 € 240 to 380 €.

The following table is based on wooden blinds 100 cm high in the most common slat widths. The costs quoted include VAT but do not include installation. The prices for wooden blinds are higher than those for aluminium blinds.

slat width 25 mm slat width 50 mm slat width 70 mm
100 cm € 110 to € 160 € 150 to € 180 € 150 to € 200
200 cm 210 to 250 280 to 360 235 to 400 cm
300 cm Not a common size 340 to 540 340 to 600


If you want to be sure that your new blinds are mounted properly, it is best to have them mounted by a handyman, for example the handymen of Zoofy. They score an average of no less than 9.2. This way you can be sure that your blinds are mounted level and solid and will not come down the first time. Venetian blinds are installed at a cost of between € 75 and € 110 per blind. More blinds to assemble? Then the assembly costs will be lower.

Additional options

The costs of assembling venetian blinds can increase even more if you choose the following extra options:

Type of option extra cost per blind incl. VAT Note
Non-standard colour 30% to 40% not a standard RAL colour such as white or grey
Side guide € 20 is used to fix the blind in place
Door clips € 10 Remark
Bathroom quality € 15 Moisture proof / rust resistant

Save even more on the costs of mounting blinds

Would you like to save even more on costs? Then you can choose to measure the window dimensions yourself when ordering your blinds online. By doing so, you will save an average of € 35 on measuring services. Be careful with this, because if you have not measured correctly, you will end up being expensive anyway.
You can also save on the assembly costs if you choose to hang the blinds yourself. Of course, this will cost you some of your own time and you will not only need the right tools such as a cordless drill, but also a few extra hands.
You don't have to worry about the call-out charges. If you hire a professional via Zoofy, you don't have to pay the call-out charge. A professional in your area is arranged in no time. The only thing you need to do is to tell Zoofy three times when you can be contacted. Before you know it, your blinds will be neatly and professionally installed and you can fully enjoy your new window covering.

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