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Cost removing skirting boards

Wednesday 15 May 2024

In the house, everything depends on a good finish. Many floors are often expertly laid and look beautiful. But if you take a really critical look, you'll soon notice that the skirting finish leaves a lot to be desired. If skirting boards have already been fitted, a job that is often forgotten, especially if you have laid the floor yourself. A missed opportunity, because skirting boards can make a floor stand out even more.

The costs of skirting-board removal

For the removal of skirting boards, the professional will either charge an hourly rate, sometimes with a minimum of x number of hours.
When you use Zoofy to hire a professional in your area, you'll know exactly what the hourly rate of this professional is. This professional can tell you how many hours it will take to remove skirting boards and what the final costs will be.
When it is a large job and skirting boards have to be removed in the whole house, a fixed price can be agreed.

Type of job Cost per hour

Costs skirting-board removal € 55
Costs for placing new skirting boards € 55

Why remove skirting boards

Do you have skirting boards that don't match your floor at all or are ready to be replaced? Let a professional remove them. The removal of skirting boards requires careful handling. Skirting boards that are fastened to the wall with screws cannot simply be pulled off with a crow's foot. Chances are that large chunks of plaster will come along and after removing the skirting boards you will have to call the plasterer to have everything neatly done. Also, removing glued skirting boards is not always easy. We would therefore like to give you some tips for removing glued skirting boards.
If you really want to be sure that existing skirting boards are professionally removed, it is best to call in a professional, for example via Zoofy.

Removing skirting boards without damaging walls

Not only the type of skirting board, but especially the way it has been installed determines the best way to remove it. We discuss four different types of skirting boards.

Removing system skirting boards

These skirting boards are mainly used to hide cables. First an assembly system is attached to the wall. This is usually done with screws. Then the skirting board/front of the system is slid or clicked over it. The removal of system skirting boards is child's play. You click the skirting board loose from the mounting system and unscrew the mounting system from the wall. That's all there is to it.

Removing parquet skirting boards

These are flat, narrow skirting boards that are glued to the parquet with a self-adhesive strip. By placing a putty knife under or above the skirting board, you can easily remove it. Move it up a little at a time. You can try to remove any remaining adhesive strip(s) by carefully scratching it off and using a little white spirit to remove the remnants. Make sure that the turpentine does not turn the parquet black.

Removing glued skirting boards

These are skirting boards that are glued to the wall with a special mounting adhesive. If you want to remove existing, glued skirting boards and replace them with new ones without damaging the walls, you have to be careful and thoughtful. It can be quite a challenge. It requires a hammer and a wide plaster knife, which is usually used for plastering walls. The plaster knife must be placed on the skirting board and tightly against the wall. Then the plaster knife is carefully tapped between the wall and the plinth with a hammer. The plaster knife must then be moved little by little until the skirting board comes loose from the wall.

Why you should call in Zoofy for the removal of skirting boards

When you have two left hands, don't feel like removing skirting boards or just don't have the time, it's best to hire a professional. Preferably do that through Zoofy. Through the platform of Zoofy you can quickly and easily find a professional in your area. They will quickly and professionally remove any type of skirting board for the hourly rate that you know in advance. This is very convenient in these times when a good professional is hard to find or has a busy schedule. If you indicate three times when you may be contacted, your job can be taken up immediately. You are then assured of professional work because the platform of Zoofy only has room for good scoring craftsmen and craftswomen. Did you know that they score an average of 9.2? At Zoofy we are very proud of that.


Why Zoofy?

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