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Cavity wall insulation

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More information about cavity wall insulation

These days, it is hard to imagine life without sound home insulation. Insulation ensures that the heat stays inside during the cold winter period and also protects your house against mould and other bacteria. More and more people in the Netherlands are opting for cavity wall insulation because this form of insulation is relatively cheap and can therefore be earned back fairly quickly. But what possibilities are there and what exactly does cavity wall insulation cost? You can read everything you need to know about it in the article below.

What is cavity wall insulation?

When you hear the term cavity, you are referring to the open space between the inner and outer wall. Filling this cavity with insulating material prevents dampness in the house and also ensures that a pleasant temperature is maintained at all times. The majority of houses built after 1920 have a cavity wall.

Why is cavity wall insulation useful?

More living comfort: For daily life in your home to be comfortable, it is crucial that there is a pleasant climate. Cavity wall insulation keeps the temperature under control, more warmth in the winter and sufficient cooling in the summer. In addition to climate control, this form of insulation also has a major hygienic advantage: mould, bacteria and other impurities have no access to your home thanks to this insulation.
Higher house value: A house that is equipped with durable cavity wall insulation is worth much more than a house that is not. This will benefit you if you want to sell or rent out your house.
Environmentally friendly: Cavity wall insulation is one of the greenest forms of insulation because of the materials used.
Energy bills go down: Since the insulation in the cavity regulates the climate in your home, you will have to heat less yourself and thus enjoy a lower energy bill.
Would you like to outsource cavity wall insulation?
We don't really recommend insulating your cavity yourself because, for the layman, this is a fairly complex job that requires expert knowledge. Moreover, it is unlikely that you will have the right materials at your disposal if you have no experience with this yourself. Our experts are ready to help you with this job.


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