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Good insulation is important to keep your heating costs down and still be able to enjoy the warmth of the winter or the coolness of the summer. If you want to insulate your house, there are several ways you can do that. One of the most efficient ways is floor insulation. Are you considering having your floor insulated? Then it is good to know more about the costs of floor insulation and the different possibilities. Below you will discover everything you need to know!

Why choosing floor insulation is a good idea

Too often people think that floor insulation is an unnecessary luxury, but that is certainly not the case. By insulating your floor, your home will feel much more pleasant, both in winter and in summer. You will therefore save a lot of money on your energy bill. Moreover, this form of insulation is easy to apply and cheap.

What insulation materials are there?

When you insulate your floor you can do this with different kinds of insulation materials. What are the possibilities and which insulation material should you choose?

Floor insulation boards

One of the most popular choices are insulation boards. This material is often chosen because it is easy to apply. Moreover, floor insulation using boards is cheap. There are various types of sheets to choose from. EPS sheets are often used because of their high insulation value and pressure resistance. You can also choose glass wool boards, PIR boards, PUR boards or EPS boards. Each type of insulation material has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you cannot choose between the different types, you can always ask a professional for advice.

Insulating concrete

Another option is to insulate your floor with an insulating concrete that is made of polystyrene granules with cement. It is easy to apply and not very expensive. Be careful, because insulating concrete does not have a very high insulation value. For that reason, it is often combined with another insulation material.

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