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Crawl space insulation

If you want to save money on your energy bill, it is a good idea to insulate your crawl space. But what are the costs of crawl space insulation and what are the possibilities? Find out here!

Why insulate your crawl space?

You may wonder whether insulating your crawl space is really necessary and of course it is not an obligation. But insulating your crawl space is certainly not an unnecessary luxury, because it has a number of important advantages. By choosing crawl space insulation you will more easily prevent moisture problems. Your crawl space is a moist space and if you leave it like this, it can lead to moulds that are bad for your health. Not to mention the high additional costs involved.

Insulating a crawl space will also ensure that you save a lot of money and that you can enjoy even more living comfort. Because the costs of crawl space insulation are not that high, it is certainly worth considering!

What possibilities there are for insulation

If you are going to insulate your crawl space, you can do this in different ways. What are the differences and which method is best for you?

Soil insulation

The cheapest way to insulate your crawl space is soil insulation. With this method, the insulation material is placed on the soil in order to cover the crawl space. When is this option the best for you? Soil insulation is mainly chosen when the budget is limited, but it is not the best way to achieve the highest return. Still, it is the best option if your crawl space is very low or if you have problems with moisture under the floor of your house. In that case, it will be difficult to insulate your crawl space in any other way.

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