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Garage insulation

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Garage insulation via Zoofy

A house that is properly insulated is a comfortable home that has a higher value than a non-insulated home. It saves you a lot of money on your energy bill every year and you enjoy a pleasant indoor temperature every day. But what about insulating your garage? Is it useful and how much does it cost? Read more about the possibilities and the costs of insulating a garage in the article below.

Why insulate a garage?

Insulating your garage can be done for several reasons:

In order to retain heat: Just like a house or a business premises, insulating a garage is primarily done to reduce heat loss. A garage that is not insulated creates a thermal bridge between the garage and the adjacent living space, which in turn makes it very uncomfortable. Maybe you use your garage as a work space or rent it out as a B&B? If you insulate your garage from the inside or even from the outside, the heat will be retained and you will benefit from a pleasant living environment in both your garage and your home.

To combat draughts: Especially in the cold winter months, there is nothing as annoying as a draught when you come home. By insulating your garage, this problem is solved immediately.
To combat moisture problems: The presence of moisture in your garage can cause serious damage to the things you have stored there. Solid insulation will put an end to moisture problems immediately.

To reduce your energy bills: Insulation is a future investment that will pay for itself quite quickly. A well-insulated garage significantly reduces your heating costs, which is reflected in your energy bill.

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