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Doing a job together with a colleague

Friday 27 November 2020

Doing a job together with a colleague, what to look out for

Of course we understand like no other that in some situations it is necessary to come together with a colleague (for safety or insurance reasons).

This may be obvious to you as a professional, but for customers this is not always the case. Important to know is that we communicate standard rates that apply to 1 person to the customer.

Are you coming with a colleague? Make sure that this is well discussed with the customer and that you clearly state that a double hourly rate will be charged.

Provide proof

To ensure that no ambiguities arise about this later, we would like to advise you to make sure that you have this agreement in black and white so that, if the client files a complaint, you can provide it to us. If there is nothing to deliver which states that the client agrees to a double hourly rate, we unfortunately cannot justify this to the client.

So always make sure your agreements are in black and white, this way we do not have to enter into discussions and it is clear to all parties what agreements are made.