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How do you get rid of construction waste?

Tuesday 30 August 2022

If you have a remodeling project planned, you will have to deal with a considerable amount of waste. It is advisable to know in advance where you can dispose of which construction waste during the renovation. In this article you can read what you can do with construction waste.

What is meant by construction waste

Construction waste is all the waste that is released during the (re)construction work. It includes all sorts of waste: wood, plastic, stone, roof tiles, bricks, concrete, metal, etc. Asbestos-containing material, (small) chemical waste, batteries, electronic devices and soil, sand and asphalt are not included.

Separate usable waste from unusable waste

First of all, it is advisable to separate usable waste from unusable waste. Usable materials are pieces of furniture, textiles, metals, woodwork, electronic devices, and so on. You can take this usable waste to the thrift store, return it separately to the landfill, or sell it.1

Properly dispose of usable construction waste in the bins at the landfill. Check in advance on the best way to dispose of materials. In some places, you can borrow free cargo bikes and bins to deliver construction debris.

Debris bags or containers

For large waste streams you can rent rubble bags or a rubble container. In these you can dump a large amount of construction waste, often different types of waste mixed together. A distinction is made between garden waste, clean rubble and contaminated materials. You rent rubble bags and rubble containers through a container company, DIY store and in some cases even through the municipality.

Obtaining a permit for a debris container

If you choose to dispose of your construction waste by means of a rubble container, it is wise to check whether you need a permit for this from the municipality. The rules on this vary from municipality to municipality.

If the waste container is placed on private property such as a parking lot, yard or garden this is usually freely permitted and you do not need a permit. When a container is to be placed on municipal land, you need to contact the municipality about this. The municipality can grant you a permit to place the debris container in public space.