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Zoofy Shell Fleet App – Extended due to success!

Monday 19 September 2022

Did you already know that as a Zoofy professional, you now get a 12 cent discount* at all Shell stations in the Netherlands via the Zoofy Shell Fleet App? If you have not yet taken advantage of this exclusive discount, grab your chance now!

Important: To use the exclusive discount you need to download the Shell Fleet App via a special link. You received this link from us in July. Find the email "12 cents discount via the Shell Fleet App!" in your mailbox and download the Shell Fleet App via the special download link with a unique code to activate your discount.

The benefits of the Shell Fleet App

The Shell Fleet App is designed to make life easier for you as a self-employed person. With the Shell Fleet App you can order your own Shell pass. This gives you access to over 580 Shell stations in the Netherlands.

As a Zoofy professional you now receive an exclusive discount of 12 cents (excl. VAT)* discount per liter on Shell V-power, Shell Diesel and Gasoline at all Shell stations in the Netherlands. In addition to economical fueling with up to € 3000 credit and special via Zoofy also free CO2 compensation, you also simplify your administration. As an entrepreneur you obviously don't want to waste your time with the administration of your fuel expenses, we understand that! In the Shell Fleet App you receive one monthly invoice with a VAT specification, so you never have to keep receipts again. How convenient!

Your exclusive benefits as a Zoofy professional at a glance:
12 cents (excl. VAT)* discount per liter on Shell V-power, Shell Diesel and Gasoline at all Shell stations in the Netherlands.
One pass for all types of fuel, loading, carwash and car products
A monthly credit of € 3000
A monthly digital invoice with VAT specification
Low fixed costs of only € 2.50 per pass per month excluding VAT
Free CO2 compensation!
Earn Airmiles!
Download the app using the roadmap and the unique code you received in the mail and order your Shell pass today!

Recharge for your working day

As a professional you're on the road a lot and sometimes you need a moment of peace and quiet, which is why you can recharge at our Shell café, both literally and figuratively. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff are ready for you from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. making complete, fresh dishes, deluxe lunch sandwiches and our baristas make fresh coffee. Whether you're hitting the road early in the morning, taking a break or ready for a hot meal at the end of a long day, you're always welcome at the Shell Café.

Earn air miles

At Shell you always get 1 Air Mile per liter and at Shell V-Power even 2 Air Miles per liter. You will also receive Air Miles on purchases in the shop (1 Air Mile per 2 euros). Join Miles & Me now. As a Miles & Me member you will receive personal perks in addition to the Air Miles you always earn at Shell. For example, you can choose to receive free shopping products with your refueling! So always have your Air Miles card scanned at checkout. Click here to sign up.  

One pass for refueling and charging
Shell is working on several solutions to make the future more sustainable. With your Shell Fleet App pass, you can recharge at more than 395 providers or fast charge at our rapidly growing Shell Recharge network with more than 160 fast chargers in the Netherlands. This allows you to be on your way again with most electric cars after just 20 minutes of charging! There are also more than 275,000 international charging stations across Europe. So you can go on vacation with peace of mind after a busy working period.

On the way to the future

We also help our customers to reduce their CO2 emissions. We are working on sustainable projects such as solar, wind, biofuels and hydrogen powered vehicles. Hydrogen plays a key role in the success of the Dutch energy transition. Shell has the knowledge, technology and ambition to play an active role in creating a hydrogen economy in the Netherlands. Three Shell stations now have hydrogen filling stations and more will be added in the future.

How do I order my own Shell pass and activate my discount?

Sign up for the Zoofy Shell Fleet App today to take advantage of the exclusive discount. You activate the exclusive discount only by downloading the App using the special download link and unique code:

Go to your mail

Look for the email "12 cent discount via the Shell Fleet App!", you received this in the month of July
Read the email and follow the steps
Within minutes you have already ordered the Shell pass with your exclusive discount!
So go to your mail and download the Shell Fleet App now with your unique code from Zoofy!

*The mentioned discount is in euro cents per liter and exclusive of VAT. The discount will be deducted from the applicable national Shell recommended retail price.