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Ventilation in window costs

Wednesday 28 December 2022

A ventilation grid makes it possible to create a healthier living environment in a home. Making a ventilation grid in an existing window or equipping a new window with a ventilation grid ensures a constant supply of fresh air into a room. The grids can be completely hidden in a window so that it is less noticeable. Do you want to replace a ventilation grid or do you want to install a ventilation grid in an existing window? Then it is best to call in a professional. Our experts know exactly how to install a ventilation grid and can also take care of maintenance. If you want to outsource the replacement of a ventilation grid, you will probably want to know the costs of a ventilation grid. We give you an indication of the costs and explain what you need to consider.

What is a ventilation grid?

A ventilation grid is a grid consisting of different layers on top of each other. Through these layers air can be distributed. They are often placed in the window frame over the glass. One of the advantages is that you get an air flow in the house that does not contain flies or other animals. You can open and close the different layers, in the latter case no air can get through. The ventilation grid can often be left open all year round to improve ventilation and air quality. It is often operated with a sliding system or by means of a cord.

You can also combine a ventilation grid with ventilation system C. This is a centrally controlled ventilation system that has the task of ensuring good ventilation throughout the house. Ventilation valves in the wall ensure that the wet air is sucked out of rooms and the ventilation grids in the windows bring in new fresh air. The newest ventilation grids are often fully soundproofed and watertight. In addition, they are also self-regulating, which means that the grille always lets in the same amount of fresh air, no matter how strong the wind is blowing.

The costs of a ventilation grid

The costs of a ventilation grid depend on several factors and on the choices made. It has to do with the brand you choose, but also with the dimensions of a ventilation grid. In addition, the characteristics of a particular model play a role and finally the cost of installation. Ventilation grills are usually made to measure for a window. Nevertheless it is possible to give an estimated price for a ventilation grid, especially taking into account the size of the window and the ventilation grid. Below we list the costs of a window grille:

Size costs ventilation grid window (including installation)
Small air vent 30,- to 8,- euro
Large ventilation grid 70,- to 125,- euro.
Price per square meter 74,- to 125,- euro.
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

You can have a ventilation grid placed in new windows but you can also choose to have them placed in existing windows. For example if you have the glass of the windows replaced. When you choose for new window frames, you can choose from various types of grids that fit the windows and frames. The costs of a ventilation grid in an existing window are often lower than those for a new window. If a ventilation grid window has to be replaced, there are additional costs for removing the old ventilation grid. The cost of replacing a ventilation grid depends on how long it takes to remove the grille. Do you want to know what costs you have to think of? Keep an hourly rate of 45 to 55 euros in mind.

The reasons for installing a ventilation grid?

Why would you choose to place or replace a ventilation grid? First of all, it is an investment that ensures that you live in a healthy climate. For a healthy climate you need sufficient fresh air. With a ventilation grid window fresh air can be supplied from outside and circulate in a room. In addition, a ventilation grid has a number of advantages. You can ventilate your house or room, even when it rains or there is a strong wind. An additional advantage is that no flies or insects can enter through a ventilation grid. Something that you do have with an open window. In addition, you also have less trouble with outside noises; with an open window you hear these much better. And as a last advantage you can leave a ventilation grid open when you are away. So you can always ensure that the house is aired.

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