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Cost of moving the fuse box

Tuesday 15 March 2022

Although it is not a daily job, you may still have to deal with it, moving the meter box. Nevertheless, you can possibly have to deal with it. That may be the case with a (major) renovation and work in your home. This can be both an existing and a new home. If you have purchased new equipment, this may require an adjustment and expansion and therefore relocation of the meter cupboard. Sometimes it is just logistically more convenient to realize the meter cupboard at a different place in the house.
If you rearrange your home or you use antenna or telephone, some things do come in through the meter box. Not only the supply of gas, water and electricity, but also those of the CAI and telephone and internet are in the meter box together. Expanding the meter box at the existing location is not always possible, but moving it and then expanding it is always an option.

What does it cost to move the meter cupboard?

If you want to move a meter box, there are of course costs involved. What the exact costs will be depends on various factors and the situation. Furthermore, the condition of your current meter cupboard and its layout also influence the costs of moving a meter cupboard. The costs are also different for each energy supplier.

Type of cost Cost
Minimal costs €1000,-
Maximum costs €1600,-
Electrician costs per hour €69

You can roughly assume that moving a meter cupboard in its entirety will cost between €1,000 and €1,600.
If you have permission to move the meter cupboard further than three meters, additional costs will be charged.

Furthermore, the costs may increase if other, electricity-related work has to be carried out. You can think of:
- Re-working of cables.
- Installing new outlets.
- Connecting light switches.
- Connecting an earth leakage switch.

The hourly rate of the electrician that you easily hire through Zoofy, is € 69.

Benefits of moving the fuse box

Of course there are costs involved in moving the meter cupboard, but there are a number of benefits. You can have the meter box rearranged by the professional. Other advantages are:
- You can expand the distribution board with more groups
- There is better protection against overloading.
- There may be more circuit breakers are placed
- Reclassification /extra group placement possible (better distribution over the number of groups)
- Grounding (earth pin strike, more info on this in our blog)


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