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Costs of installing a power current

Wednesday 24 April 2024

Do you want to know why you have to install high-voltage current in some situations and what the costs are for installing high-voltage current? Are you curious about who you should hire to expand the groups in your meter cupboard and what else may be involved in installing high-voltage current? Then read on quickly.

Power current, what is that?

The word says it all: power current is electricity with more power. The difference with "normal" power is only in the way it is supplied through the wall socket. Where "normal" power is supplied via two wires, this happens with high-voltage current via three voltage wires and a neutral wire. The larger number of wires allows more power to be delivered and therefore appliances that require more power can be connected to high-voltage electricity. In practice, this means that up to three times as much power can be supplied via a high-voltage connection as via a normal socket.

Costs for the installation of high-voltage current

If your home does not yet have power current and it needs to be connected for the first time, you can take into account costs that vary from € 750 to € 1,100. The exact costs depend on the adjustments that need to be made. In the table below you will find an overview of average costs that you can take into account. The costs mentioned are inclusive of VAT.

Type of work Costs average
Extra group in meter cupboard € 175 to € 200 per group
From hourly wages professional Zoofy € 69

Why you sometimes need power current

Some household appliances use more power than others. This does not mean that you immediately need to install high-voltage current. A higher power rating of your connection could be of benefit to you. The network operator can arrange this for you. However, when these devices not only use a lot of power, but also more voltage than normal, you will need high-voltage electricity. When in doubt or if you have questions, always consult a specialist, for instance the professionals at Zoofy.


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