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The tight installation of tiles is real craftsmanship. Leave it to a professional so that the tiles are level and the joints are finished in a watertight manner. Describe your job and make an appointment with a tiler in your area.

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What does a tiler cost

If you want to cover your wall or floor with tiles, there are several options. Have your tiles set at Zoofy. Think about different prices, materials and different styles of tiles. For example, you can set wall tiles as well as floor tiles. An advantage of using tiles is that they are very easy to clean and waterproof. So tiles are very suitable in a damp room like the bathroom. Tiling a bathroom can sometimes be difficult, but it is very important that it is done properly. Moreover, there is a difference between wall tiling and floor tiling. If you are not very handy yourself, it is possible to hire a tiler. In addition, you may prefer to have an experienced tiler do it, have no time to do it yourself, are not confident that you will be able to do it yourself, et cetera. When you have the work done by a tiler, the tiles will not be set incorrectly, for example, crooked or with joints that are uneven, and it will be finished neatly.

The cost of tiling

Employing a tiler costs about €49 to €60 per hour. By agreeing a price per square meter with the professional in advance, you avoid any surprises. You also know what to expect and you can adjust the amount to your own budget. If you want to install a lot of tiles, it is important to agree on a price with the professional for the complete job. By agreeing on the way of laying the tiles, the style of the tiles and the cost of the materials, you know what to expect.

Below we have listed some prices. This way you can easily see which price applies to you. There are different prices for tiles and wall tiles.

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