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Tiling the bathroom

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Bathroom tiling with Zoofy

You create a new bathroom not only by installing new bathroom furniture, but also by tiling your bathroom. New tiles immediately give your bathroom a new look. This applies to both floor and wall tiles. Are you also planning to tile your bathroom? Then find below more information about the bathroom tiling costs and options!

Re-tile your bathroom

Tiling your bathroom when there are no tiles on the walls is obviously much simpler than retiling your bathroom. In that case, the tiles that are already there must be taken into account. Breaking out the tiles can take a lot of time and effort and can greatly increase bathroom tiling costs. Fortunately, there is an alternative: applying new tiles over the old tiles.

Just know that you can't do this in every situation. It's only a possibility if your old tiles are still firmly attached and in good condition. This method has the advantage that you save time and the bathroom tiling cost will be less. If you plan to do this, however, it is necessary to get objects out of the way. That means temporarily removing mirrors, cabinets and shower walls. Sometimes it may also mean removing the sink and/or toilet. Other than that, there are no hard tasks involved.

Other options for the pathroom

Instead of having your bathroom re-tiled, you can also choose to apply stucco to the tiles. This method is even a little easier and will save you a lot of demolition work. Would you still prefer to retile your bathroom after taking off the old tiles? Then you should keep in mind that in many cases the substrate will be damaged and you will therefore have to have it replaced as well.

Plastering the bathroom instead of tiling

Tiling your bathroom is only one option. You can also choose to plaster your bathroom. This has a completely different result. Not sure whether you should have your bathroom plastered or tiled? Find out below which is the best choice for you!

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