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Install anti-intrusion strip

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Secure your home and use anti-intrusion strips to keep burglars out. Describe what exactly needs to be done and leave the placing to a professional. Make an appointment directly with a home pro in your area.

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Placing a burglar bar via Zoofy

Anti-burglary strips are 2 metal strips that are placed against the side where the lock enters the door. Burglars can no longer force the door with a crowbar. Also it is no longer possible to open the door with a credit or debit card. If the door opens inwards you can, if there is enough space between the door and the frame, pry a pin card between them. With that you can open the door. If you have anti-burglary strips installed, none of this is possible. And you can only install or remove these strips when the door is open. Only with a lot of demolition work can you get the strips out. But that takes a lot of time. So the chance of you being burgled is considerably reduced.

Burglary prevention with anti-burglary strips

With Zoofy, you can easily find a locksmith who installs anti-burglary strips. This helps with burglary prevention. Want more tips on what you can do to prevent burglary? Read our blog about this. 

Placing an anti-burglary strip is not only smart for your sense of security, it's also really safe! With an anti-burglary strip on the front door, it is almost impossible for a burglar to break the door down. So don't give them any room to break in and protect all your windows and doors with an anti-burglary strip. Having an anti-burglary strip installed is a small job with great effect. Make sure your house is extra safe and let an anti-burglary strip window installed. Nice to know that your house is safe for the crowbar of a crook.

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