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Key forgotten and is the door in the lock? Do not panic. Help is urgently on the way. Immediately arrange a locksmith in your area who will get you in. Often without a breaking work required.

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Open lock or door

We have a solution for everything. Always check first if you have a spare key available. You may have given your family, neighbours or friends a spare key for these kinds of awkward situations. You really can't get in anymore? Don't worry, Zoofy will get you back into your home in no time.

Our professionals are available 24/7 to open your lock or door for you. If possible, this will always be done without any damage. But also the actual breaking of doors and locks is no problem for our professionals. Afterwards, they can also replace the lock. This also applies to a cylinder lock. Zoofy stands for a fast, professional and customer friendly service. For a cheap and known rate our professionals will be right at your door. We understand that some urgency is required in these cases!

Know what you are going to pay!

In such a situation it is not unthinkable that you have no cash on you. No problem at all! Paying in cash is no longer necessary because you can easily pay Zoofy via iDeal. You receive an invoice by e-mail and with a simple click on the button you can transfer the money. Some professionals even have the service to pay with pin at the door. Throughout the Netherlands we ensure that you will be assisted quickly and professionally.

We always recommend that you do not tamper with the door or the lock yourself if you want to be helped without damage. Of course it can't do any harm to try it yourself, but the chances of unnecessary damage are higher. Just be patient, and before you know it you're back in your house, or getting into your car without any problems. Book simple and fast via!

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