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A good extraction hood is indispensable in every home. Call in a handyman for a professional installation. The hood will then hang on the correct height is connected correctly. Make an appointment immediately for the moment that suits you best.

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Installing an extractor hood by a kitchen specialist

Connecting a built-in extractor hood will remove odours, steam and grease while cooking. Besides, not the only advantage is that unpleasant odours are removed, but using an extractor hood is healthier for your body. The harmful substances released during baking and frying are removed, preventing these substances from being inhaled. In this way, a built-in extractor hood is a very important part of the kitchen. But what are things to consider when buying and installing an extractor hood? What are the average costs of installing an extractor hood? This article looks at that in more detail.

Cost of installing a cooker hood

Installing an extractor hood is a tricky job that needs to be done accurately. Therefore, it is highly recommended to hire an experienced professional to do the job. In a specialised and precise manner, the extractor hood will be connected to an air duct. Moreover, a specialist can ensure that the extractor hood will be nicely placed in the cupboard of your kitchen, concealing it well. This way, you will see very little of the installed extractor in your kitchen.

There are different prices associated with installing an extractor hood. Different professionals charge different prices. Moreover, when putting together a price proposal, they take into account things like the dimensions and weight of the cooker hood and the kitchen, the exhaust from the cooker hood and whether installing the cooker hood will be an easy or difficult job in the kitchen.

What it costs to install a cooker hood

Below is a cost breakdown for the cost of extractor hood installation.

Tasks Costs
Mounting the cooker hood 70 euros - 150 euros
Mounting and replacing 125 euros - 200 euros
Buying the built-in extractor 150 euros - 1000 euros
Carbon filters 15 euros - 200 euros
The recirculation set 50 Euros - 100 Euros

The exhaust with extractor hood installation

When determining a price for the installation of the extractor hood, the drainage must be taken into account. When a price proposal is made, a specialist will have to come by to take a look and assess the situation properly. This way, you can avoid being faced with a higher price than you expected beforehand. It is possible to extract air from an extractor hood in the kitchen in three different ways. You can connect a recirculation hood, a central extraction system or an air extraction. Which variant of air extraction the specialist recommends depends on what the situation is in your home's current kitchen.

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