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The advantages of a pvc sliding door

Thursday 07 July 2022

Are you planning to buy a new sliding door soon? Then you will be overwhelmed with the online offer. Plastic, wood, aluminium... There is plenty of choice on the market. Yet a synthetic sliding door stands out head and shoulders above the rest due to its many advantages. Curious? In this article we will discuss them with you!

What are the advantages of a synthetic sliding door?

Saving energy with a synthetic sliding door

A synthetic sliding door will save you money on heating costs. These savings can amount to hundreds of euros per year. When you have well-insulated window frames with HR++ or HR+++ glass, you can be sure that you will have money left over at the end of the month.

Safer living with a synthetic sliding door

Your home is safer with synthetic materials. This is because the fittings in synthetic materials prevent burglars from being able to get in quickly.

Increase in value with a synthetic sliding door

Did you know that your house will increase in value with a synthetic sliding door? This is because the house is well insulated by synthetic material and it is also low-maintenance. This means more money when you sell your house.

Environmentally friendly with synthetic sliding doors

A synthetic sliding door is also better for the environment, as it reduces heating costs and maintenance requirements. In addition, synthetic window frames are recyclable and remain in the home for life.

Indistinguishable from wood

A synthetic sliding door can hardly be distinguished from wood. It is available in many different colours and in many different pivot, drop and swing windows. If you wish, they can also build in a ventilation grille or rod division. Basically, you have everything you expect from a wooden sliding door, but with far less painting, fire-retardant properties and heat and sound insulation. In other words, more living comfort!