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Safety working environment

Thursday 10 March 2022

Working in the construction industry involves risks. Warning signs and barrier tape can make an important contribution to safety at such sites. After all, they make both personnel and visitors aware of potential dangers. In this article, you will learn how warning signs and barrier tape on a job or construction site can make work safer(er).

The importance of a safe working environment

Creating a safe working environment is extremely important, both for your own safety and that of others around you. Especially in the construction industry, this is of great importance. After all, working in construction involves a lot of risks. By warning personnel and visitors of the dangers present at the job or construction site, the risks are reduced and therefore a safer working environment is created.

The function of warning signs and cordon tape

Warning of risks on a job site is mainly done by warning signs and cordon tape.

Warning signs: Using the right warning signs makes text superfluous in many cases. This is because pictograms on warning signs are universal and can therefore be understood in any language. When placing signs, it is important that they are placed in the right location, that they are the right size and that the stickers and signs meet the ISO 7010 standard.
Barricade tape: The function of barricade tape is to guide people in their movements. Although it will not actually stop people, it does make it clear that a certain area may (temporarily) not be entered. On a building site, this mainly ensures that bystanders are aware of the places where they may be at risk.

When safety signs are compulsory

In many cases, the employer is even legally obliged to visually communicate risks to staff and visitors at a construction site. This obligation applies when the workplace, tools, machines or rolling stock can pose a risk to the health or safety of staff and visitors. In addition, the employer is expected to inform his personnel of the meaning of the warning signs.