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Friday 24 April 2020

Latest news:

April 6, 2020: Applications for the NOW scheme can be submitted to the UWV here starting today. 

March 31, 2020: If you employ staff (or self-employed workers on call), you may be able to apply for the NOW scheme. The main condition is that the turnover has fallen by at least 20% due to the corona crisis. From April 6, you can submit applications for this through the UWV.

March 30, 2020: Through the RVO you can find the digital emergency counter where you as an entrepreneur can apply for a one-time gift of 4,000 euros. Here you can start the application process for an allowance damage COVID-19. Unfortunately, this site is limited for applications due to busy times. Are you unable to complete the application? Then try again at a later time.

March 26, 2020: Businesses requesting tax deferrals must still complete their payroll tax returns as usual. The government needs the data to soon be able to help companies suffering from the corona crisis. This is because the UWV needs it for the support package for businesses that the government is now putting together. This package includes arrangements for the government to take over a substantial part of the wage bill of companies suffering from the crisis. The latest data are needed to properly determine the amount of that support.

March 24, 2020: Some municipalities had already stopped their municipal taxes for entrepreneurs. Now the Water Boards are also going to take measures whereby entrepreneurs can apply for a deferral. There are also water boards that stop taxes altogether for a while.

March 23, 2020: the first counters will open for self-employed people who have run into financial problems. For now, the counters will only open in large cities; smaller municipalities will soon follow. Applicants will be assessed according to the revised guidelines starting next week. You can read more about the schemes and their guidelines in the overview below.  Municipalities are free to make advance payments already, the government has currently made 250 million euros available for this purpose. 

Furthermore, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) calls on self-employed people who still have some income to wait a while before applying for income support at the municipality. Staggered applications relieve the burden on municipalities and, in addition, the people with the greatest need can then be helped immediately. Self-employed people who wait to apply for the scheme need not fear that they will miss out on money, as it is a retroactive scheme from March 1. Anyone entitled to it will receive an allowance.

Having financial problems or foreseeing problems as a result of the Corona virus?

The government is helping self-employed people affected by the Corona crisis. There are 6 options that can ease your financial situation in the short and long term.

Deferring tax payments and reducing your provisional assessments.
Temporary provision income support for self-employed and SMEs.
Borgstelling verruiming MKB
Temporary measure Emergency fund for work retention (NOW).
Extended Enterprise Guarantee Scheme

Interest rebate for small entrepreneurs on microcredit Qredits

1. Deferring payment of your taxes and reducing your provisional assessments

The tax authorities give entrepreneurs who apply for a postponement of their taxes because of the corona crisis an immediate three-month postponement, without the need to send proofs along. You can apply for a postponement of paying your taxes This can include your income tax, corporate tax, sales tax and payroll tax. Note! You cannot do this until the assessment has been issued. So just file your tax return as you normally would. If you want to request postponement for several assessments, send a letter for each assessment. After submitting the request, your accountant must give a written explanation of the request. A reduction in your provisional assessments is also possible. Are you currently paying income or corporate taxes for the current year? Then set your new provisional tax return to €0. This way, you will keep your money for a while for necessary expenses.

For more information, check out the tax authorities' site. Because there are many applications coming in, the processing time may increase.

Temporary almost no recovery interest on tax debt

Recovery interest normally starts after the expiration of the payment period. This is temporarily reduced from 4% to almost 0%. This applies to all tax debts. The tax interest rate is also temporarily set at the lowest possible rate for entrepreneurs. The tax authorities are currently still investigating exactly how low that percentage will be and how this can be achieved in terms of tax implementation.

2. Temporary income support for self-employed and SMEs