Canceled jobs and invoicing

Friday 27 November 2020

What about cancelled jobs and billing for them

By now many of you already know that jobs can only be cancelled by customers themselves. The customer can do this by attaching our first e-mail called 'We are working for you'. In this email is a button 'view your booking', when the customer presses this they are taken to a booking page. Here the customer can cancel the job themselves. At the moment the appointment is still in your calendar the well-known rule applies: An appointment is an appointment! 

Unfortunately, we see a lot of confusion regarding the creation of cancellation invoices. When a customer cancels when you are already on the road or is not present when you are already on location, you can only create a cancellation invoice for the amount of €30 when you have completed the following three steps.

1.   When you are on your way to the customer, use the 'I'm on my way' button in the Zoofy app. The customer then receives an email in which they are informed of the fact  
that you are on your way to the job. We will also receive this email

2.    If the customer does not open after you ring the doorbell, you wait for 20 minutes and try to reach the customer by phone/send a message

3.    Take a photo/movie of the front door and deliver it to us. This way we do not have to argue with the customer as we can prove that you kept your appointment and were present on the agreed date and time.

Also pay attention to this!

To create a cancellation invoice please notify our customer service team (reachable via whatsapp on 085-8088070), they will make sure you can create an invoice with the correct amount.