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Cost of ridge increase

Tuesday 04 June 2024

There are several reasons why you might consider a ridge elevation, i.e. a higher roof. The main one is obviously to create more space in your home, or rather, on top of your home. This suddenly turns that cramped attic space into a spacious bedroom or study. A ridge raiser is a fairly radical job, which, for best results, you should definitely leave to a specialist, such as the professionals at Zoofy.
In this article, we will tell you all about the various possibilities and give you more insight into the costs of ridge raising. So read on.

What is a ridge raiser anyway?

When raising the ridge (the point) of the roof, the ridge is raised or moved (shifted). This creates a lot of extra space in your home. Because the construction of your roof changes, which is not the case when installing a dormer, a ridge raise is a major renovation.

The advantages of a ridge extension

The quickest way to get extra space in your home is a ridge extension. Whether you need to accommodate two teenagers, you need a sports room or a study, there will be plenty of room for this. Where you only gain limited walkable area when installing a dormer, it is considerably more with a ridge elevation. The rooms you gain by raising the ridge have less steep side walls and will be larger in size. As a result, you gain considerable extra living space.
So if you have outgrown your space (house), there is no need to move. You will be spared the hassle and expense of a move. You just keep on living in your own familiar surroundings.
Apart from extra living enjoyment, the extra living space created will obviously increase the value of your home.

Ridge raising costs

Broadly speaking, the average ridge-raising costs are between €10,000 and €30,000. The final cost depends on several factors, such as the dimensions and the material used. Will it be a relocated ridge, i.e. a ridge on one side of the roof, or would you prefer a ridge rise on both sides of the roof? In the table below, we give you an overview of the average cost of a ridge rise.

Type of construction Size Average cost
Raised ridge, sloping roof width three metres € 10,000 - € 15,000
Ridge extension, sloping roof width three metres € 16,000 - € 21,000
Roof structure, flat roof 25 m² € 25,000 - € 30,000
What materials can be used for a ridge extension?

There are various material options for a ridge extension. We explain the various possibilities below. Remember that not only does each type of material have its own advantages and disadvantages, but that the type of material also influences the final ridge-raising costs.


As plastic is a relatively light material, it is usually not necessary to reinforce the structure of the house. Plastic is also available in many different colours and finishes. For example, there is wood-grain plastic. So there is always a type of plastic available to suit your home. Plastic is easy to maintain and has a long lifespan.

Price example for a ridge rise in plastic

Cost including labour and VAT
Ridge extension From € 10,000
Double-sided ridge increase From € 16,000

If you like a natural look, wood is a good choice. Wood is available in different types and can be painted in any colour. Like plastic, wood is relatively light and therefore the structure of your home does not need to be reinforced. Wood is a durable material. To prevent wood rot, however, it should be regularly maintained (painted).

Price example for wooden ridge heightening

Cost including labour and VAT
Ridge extension From € 11,000
Two-sided ridge extension From € 17,000

The most expensive option is a roof extension (ridge rise) made of stone. The advantage of stone is that it blends almost seamlessly with the rest of your home. As a result, it is hardly noticeable that you have had a roof extension installed at a later date. Stone is a heavy material. In most cases, a stone ridge extension will require reinforcement of the structure.

Price example for stone ridge rise

Cost including labour and VAT
Ridge extension From € 13,000
Two-sided ridge extension From € 19,000
Precast ridge raiser

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