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Granol stucco

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Granol applied by a plasterer from Zoofy

When you want to apply new plaster to your walls and/or ceilings, you can choose from a number of options. One of these is granol. Granol is affordable and provides a beautiful result. What it entails exactly, how it is applied and how it is removed can all be read below! You can also read why the professionals from Zoofy can perfectly realize this job for you.

What is granol

As mentioned, granol is a decorative plaster that can be applied to walls and ceilings. The surface gets all kinds of grooves and pits in an uneven pattern which gives a very luxurious and special result. The stucco also has a nostalgic feeling when you see it, because in the 70s and 80s granol became immensely popular. But it is slowly coming back and has several advantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of granol

Naturally, decorative plaster also has its advantages and disadvantages. They are briefly explained below. Based on this you can decide for yourself whether granol is for you or not.


Granol is available in countless colours and patterns. Whatever you wish, granol can do it. This way it will always match your interior and your taste. The intensity of the colour is very intense. After years of use the colour will therefore hardly discolour or diminish. Granol will therefore last a very long time, even if you hang paintings in front of it or place furniture against it for years. Would you prefer a different colour? Then you can easily repaint the walls and ceilings. Granol is incredibly strong, so you can easily hang paintings or photos without half the wall coming off. And because of this strength the stucco can be used both inside and outside. Finally, plaster has been known for a long time and plasterers have a lot of experience with it. Applying granules is in most cases a simple job for the professionals. And that is why the price of the stucco is nice and low; it is affordable and lasts a long time.


Granol is not easy to remove. You can read more about this later. And because it is not easy to remove, repairing it is also more difficult. This is also due to the colourfastness. The colour changes slightly over time, so you will always see a repair.
Moreover, granol can come across as very old-fashioned, because it used to be popular and now people prefer clean walls.

Applying granol

The most important thing is that granol is applied correctly for the most beautiful and best result. For an inexperienced person applying granules can be a very difficult job. When you are going to apply granol, you should know that the decorative plaster dries very quickly, which means that you have to make sure that you apply it right the first time. Also, your back and neck can become very sore because you are standing in a position that you are not used to. Would you rather not start applying the plaster yourself? Then call in our professional plasterers, who will gladly and lovingly apply granol for you.


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