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Rentals with discounts of up to 25% at Loxam Rental!

Monday 30 May 2022

LOXAM clubcard for discount on rental equipment

For freelancers and SMEs, LOXAM has a club card with an interesting overall discount on LOXAM rental equipment. This allows you to easily rent at all LOXAM branches with an attractive discount. This year, LOXAM's new range includes exclusively electric or hybrid equipment: hybrid aerial platforms, electric vibratory rammers, vibratory plates, wheel loaders and compact excavators and battery-powered tools. All these items meet the challenges of the energy transition and the needs of work sites in urban or compact environments. You will recognize these machines by the LOXGREEN label.

The strength of Loxam

Loxam's strength lies primarily in its fleet of 650,000 units of suitable, safe and environmentally friendly machines. The distinctive power lies in the services around it. Request your club card for free and receive a gift with your first rental.