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New in the app: Messaging service

Thursday 26 November 2020

Messaging by Zoofy

Have you seen it yet, the new messaging feature? The messaging feature is now live. With this messaging feature you can ask questions to the customer and vice versa. It works similar to a normal messaging service, you can send text, use emojis and upload photos.

The latter is of course very useful if you want to know just a little more info about the situation, so you can prepare even better for the job.

Tip: also use the message function to send a double confirmation. Because, of course, we also confirm it by default as soon as a booking is placed. Simply let us know that the appointment stands and that you are coming that day/time. you can use the text below for this.

Sample text:
"Dear customer, thank you for booking the handyman service. I will be there [day] at [time]. See you then and have a nice day!"

I'll be there button

And on the day, don't forget to use the "I'll be there button" This lets the customer know (you guessed it) that you are coming.