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Costs kitchen wall

Sunday 02 October 2022

Cooking is, for most of us at least, a delightful activity. Whether you're a sublime home cook or you're forced to prepare a meal, there's often a lot of splatter. In addition to your cooktop, all those splatters also end up on the back wall. Do you have a painted back wall or a tile back wall (with relief)? Are you going to remodel your kitchen? If so, this is a good time to have a back wall installed that is easy to clean. Bacon frying or preparing red sauces will then be no problem at all. Just wipe down your new rear wall and it will be sparkling clean again. In this price guide we will give you some suggestions about types of back walls, what options there are and what the costs for back walls in the kitchen could be.

Costs of kitchen backsplashes

Are you curious about the average costs of a rear wall? Keep in mind that the installation costs can vary from € 75.00 to € 500.00. This is excluding the necessary materials. The cost of the material depends on the required surface area (also take into account any cutting loss).

Material Costs

Glass € 125 per m2
Plexiglas € 75.00 to € 115.00 per m2.
Copper € 150 per m2 excluding installation
Stainless steel € 120 per running meter
Plastic € 60 per running meter

Tiles € 25 per m2 - € 200 per m2

Choice of various materials

It is, of course, important that the back wall you choose suits your kitchen and your living style. Fortunately, there is a lot to choose from and there is sure to be a back wall to suit your taste. Back walls are available in the following materials, among others:

- Glass
- Plexiglas
- Copper
- Aluminum
- Plastic material
- Tiles

To give you more insight into the type of back wall, we describe the properties and any advantages and disadvantages of each type of material below. This will enable you to make a better choice. Because ultimately it is not only the type of material that is decisive. The style of your kitchen and of course the budget at your disposal also play a role in the choice. Further on we will also explain the costs of a rear wall. When you have an insight into the costs, it is easier to decide whether you will install the rear wall yourself or leave it to the professional (from Zoofy).


A kitchen back wall of glass behind your cooking area and sink is very easy to clean. A kitchen back wall of glass also offers protection to the original wall. Grease and water have no chance and can't get in. A glass back wall fits very well in a sleek, modern kitchen and simultaneously provides a luxurious look. It is important that a glass back wall is the right height. A back wall that is too high will make the kitchen look too massive, and one that is too low will not offer sufficient protection against dirt, water and grease.
If in doubt, call in a professional.

Glass is not only available in the standard (transparent) version, but also as frosted glass or even as photo glass. It is very cool and modern if you apply transparent glass to an old stone wall.

Installing a glass back wall is a specialist job. First of all, have the glass wall measured. There must be 3 millimeters of space left for mounting the glass back wall. Then the glass wall, which is very heavy and very fragile when unassembled, must be quickly and professionally assembled. Often this is done by two professionals and you will spend a slightly higher amount on assembly costs. Fortunately, at Zoofy you know exactly what the hourly rate for a professional is.

Count on € 125 per m2 for the material of a glass back wall. This price obviously depends on the size, the design, colors or adding any photos.


An alternative to a glass back wall is Plexiglas, a light-permeable material that is easier to process than glass. Plexiglas is easy to keep clean and has a modern look. In addition, plexiglass is available in different colors. LED lighting behind the plexiglass gives your kitchen a wow effect. Preferably have your new plexiglass back panel installed. A thickness of 6 to 8 millimeters is recommended.
For a plexiglass kitchen wall you should consider a price of € 75.00 to € 115.00 per m2.


For those who dare, a copper kitchen wall is a real eye-catcher. Copper radiates warmth and has a special appearance. The longer the copper back wall is installed, the more beautiful your back wall will become. Copper will weather some over time, which is precisely the attraction of this material. A wipe over it is sufficient. Did you know that copper has an antibacterial and disinfecting effect? Copper is available in various thicknesses.

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