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Are you renovating the interior of your home? Then you will probably still hesitate between the different finishing options. But before you can finish your wall nicely, it is important that you make the walls nice and plain. You can do this with stucco, but there is also another option: applying fiberglass wallpaper. Below you will discover everything you need to know about the fiberglass wallpaper price, benefits, and so on.


Why install fiberglass wallpaper?

Fiberglass wallpaper is also sometimes called renovlies wallpaper. This type of wallpaper is not comparable to paper wallpaper that mainly serves to give your walls a new color. Renovlies wallpaper is mainly meant to smooth away unevenness in your walls, making them nice and smooth again. So if you have small cracks and crazing in your wall, this is a good solution. Because renovlies wallpaper is so strong, it can even help prevent future cracks and fissures. Therefore, it is a good idea to always have this wallpaper applied before you paint your walls.

How is it different from traditional wallpaper? Fiberglass wallpaper is more durable than traditional wallpaper because it is much stronger. In addition, it is also easier to clean. Another big difference is that this type of wallpaper is fire retardant. This makes fiberglass wallpaper a safer option. So fiberglass wallpaper application is definitely worth considering!


How to apply fiberglass wallpaper

Would you like to apply fiberglass wallpaper, but don't quite know how it works? Then you can discover below what is involved in wallpapering with fiberglass wallpaper!

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