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install spotlights, lay laminate flooring
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Tasks for a handyman

Here are the most common types of jobs for handymen:

Tile installation

The layering of tiles in your kitchen, bathroom or yard can be a time consuming and precision job. You may end up ruining the project. Hiring a handyman may prove to be advantageous because they are skilled and have the necessary tools to provide a good job.

Construction and repair of the deck

Repairing or constructing a deck more than often will need a level of craftsmanship and expertise that only a professional can manage. Hiring the correct team of handymen can mean that completion of the project will be fast and precise.

Flooring, layering of laminated floors

The layering of carpets, laminate, and hardwood flooring often require specialized tools and an experienced professional. It is a time-consuming activity if you do not have the necessary expertise. It is possible to do it yourself, but would it not be better to hire a professional?

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Plumbing, remodelling of the bathroom

Plumbing is one of those jobs that will automatically require a handy person or a professional plumber. Trying to fix a clogged sink of a leaking faucet may quickly turn into a messy affair. Leave the intricacies of piping and plumbing to the handymen for a finessed smoothness and a job well done at the end.

Drywall repair

This is not as easy as filling a few nail holes in the wall. Drywall repair is a dirty job that will take time. It needs a certain level of expertise to understand the procedures involved otherwise your repair will end up on the floor soon after you install it. A skilled handyman will handle this job in a professional manner.

Electrical wiring

Electrical wiring is quite a complicated task. It’s one of those jobs that will definitely require a handy person or electrician if you do not want to short circuit your house or worse, the whole block. The risks involved such as electrocution and even fires are enough for you to realize you need to take precaution and hire a handyman. Definitely don’t take matters into your own hands.

What is Zoofy?

Zoofy in basic terms can be described as Uber, but for handymen. We are an online service company who link you up with the closest handyman around you if you are ever in need of one. Zoofy is exclusively operating in the Netherlands offering handymen services to anyone who might need them. All the handymen offering their services at Zoofy are professionals. This means that they are essentially the best at what they do and how they do it. This is how they ensure that quality is met through their work. They are registered at the Chamber of Commerce. All the handymen at Zoofy are not employed by the company but work together to reach the people who need their services.

How to hire a handyman at Zoofy

When you want to request for a handyman, you get to their site and select the job you want to be done. You have to state the nature of the job and what you want done and also the date you want it done. They will quickly pair you up with a handyman that is close to you. You have to enter your zip-code to get connected to a handy person close to your location.

If the handyman accepts the job, you will get a notification. When the job is done, Zoofy will send you and invoice for payment purposes. You can pay through Tikkie or iDeal.

The cost of a handyman at Zoofy

Hiring a handyman at Zoofy is quite affordable. We reduce the effort put in by you in looking for a capable handy person. We have a wide variety of handymen available to offer their services in case you need them. The prices are also not that high and will depend on the type of work done as some others which require more time and effort being on the higher side. The price range is between €55 to about € 200. The simpler jobs are quite cheap. All these jobs are done by professionals with experience who would otherwise be very expensive if you hired them from a company dealing specifically with the repair.

Advantages of hiring at Zoofy

With Zoofy, you are assured that you will get quality services at a fair price. We only use handymen that fit the set criteria. We have good track record with over 1.000.000 people requesting for their services around the Netherlands and over 150.000 positive reviews.
When you use Zoofy, you will not pay the call out fee that is usually accompanied by most handymen. You only pay for the service done and only after it has been completed 100%.

Zoofy will ensure that you get value for your money when you use our services.

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We offer our services in cities like; Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam, hiring a handy person is quite common. Handymen are usually in demand all over the Netherlands to perform various repair tasks around the homes.

Need a handyman?

Not everyone has the expertise, time or is capable of perfectly doing repairs in and around the house. Sometimes you need to call in the skill and most qualified person for the perfect repair. This is where a handyman comes in handy.

Handymen are essentially people who are highly skilled in repair work in and around the house. They can practically fix any and all sorts of odd jobs around the house, both indoors and outdoors.

All jobs

Asbestos remediation
12 requests made
From €79 per hour incl. vat
Based on prices of 5780 handymen in your area
Assemble a dresser
12 requests made
From €65 incl. vat
Based on prices of 7664 handymen in your area
Assemble a complete baby room 3-piece furniture set
From €179 incl. vat
Based on prices of 7666 handymen in your area
Assemble a complete baby room two piece furniture set
From €139 incl. vat
Based on prices of 7668 handymen in your area
Assembling a shelving unit
48 requests made
From €59 per hour incl. vat
Based on prices of 7768 handymen in your area
Balcony renovation
12 requests made
From €59 per hour incl. vat
Based on prices of 7760 handymen in your area
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